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Hearing that, Li Yukun shivered and suddenly came to his senses!

At the same time, sweat started to profuse from his back in huge amounts, soaking up his shirt!

“This… this… Young Lord, This Subordinate has committed a crime… This Subordinate has done wrong to you!”

Li Yukun didnt care if he was feeling frail or not, as he pushed away his chair and knelt in front of Li Moying!

Li Moying and Jun Sihan were stunned by his reaction! At the same time, a bad premonition arose in their hearts!

Li Moying grabbed Li Yukuns shoulder and helped him up.

“Divine Lieutenant Li, youre my senior so theres no need to do this! What has happened to my Lier What on earth happened You… quickly tell us clearly!”

“Thats right, tell us quickly! What danger has my Little Xi met with” Jun Sihan also became anxious.

Li Yukun didnt dare to hesitate and hurriedly briefed them about the demon tribe attack last night, the current days Commanding Officer competition, and also the troops being mobilized.

“Young Lord, Young Master Jun, its all my fault! If I had known that Li… no, Young Miss Huang and Young Miss Xias identity, I will absolutely not dare to let them take the risk to lead the troops into battle! Sigh, its all This Subordinates fault for being so senseless…”

Li Yukun was both reproachful and also afraid!

Li Moying and Jun Sihan were all were both successors from a large clan and the candidate for their wives had to go through thousands of selections.

No matter if it was in terms of looks, innate talent, or personality, that person was the best among the best!

From this, it could be seen just how high Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi were!

Even if he was to disregard these, just based on Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxis past performance in the army, even a fool knew that the two of them were first-class peerless geniuses!

Moreover, from the anxious expressions of Li Moying and Jun Sihan, he knew that these two young ladies should be extremely pampered by their husbands at home.

If Li Yukun knew about their identities beforehand, he would absolutely treat them like a bodhisattva.

If they were to get into an accident, suffered a slight abrasion, or even drop a few strands of hair, it would be difficult for him to escape punishment!

Thinking of this, Li Yukun felt extremely terrified!

However, after hearing what he said, Li Moying and Jun Sihan frowned.

But they didnt say anything to rebuke Li Yukun.

Li Moying helplessly said, “Alright, I understand it now! Divine Lieutenant Li, you need not blame yourself.

If Lier insisted on bringing the troops out, itd be difficult for you to stop her!”

Not to mention Li Yukun, if Huang Yueli was bent on doing something, even Li Moying would find it difficult to persuade her out of it.

Jun Sihan also said, “My Little Xi must have also did some divinations since she is willing to go into battle, and feels that there wouldnt be any problem.

Moreover, she always had her own thoughts and I cant do anything about her as well! Once her temper acts up, even I will get beaten up!”

Jun Sihans problems werent any lesser than Li Moyings!

A Veracious Wyvern Clans Young Clan Leader would suffer from domestic violence by his wife.

He was penned up with bitter tears.

Li Moying heard that and looked at him in shock.

Li Yukun felt that his brain was not working properly, so he said, “Ughh, huh… really Is it… like that”

Li Moying nodded slightly, “Thats right, so dont beat yourself up over this.

But we must immediately set off to the demon tribes campsite! Those two women are too bold! What if they met with danger”

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