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Hearing Huang Yuelis voice, all the practitioners lifted their heads to look in her direction.

In order to keep it a secret, Huang Yueli specially instructed that before they moved out, no one was allowed to tell the motive for gathering so early in the day.

Hence, ordinary soldiers were still kept in the dark, unaware of what they were going to do.

Huang Yueli continued, “Our aim today is to sneak an attack on the demon tribes campsite, and kill Sky Devil Rui Xuan! We will eliminate the devil army!”

“Were going to sneak an attack on the demon tribes campsite”

“Really This… this is too dangerous!”

Huang Yuelis words were like bolts of lightning raining down on them!

It was only now that the soldiers found out about the truth, and all of them were extremely stunned!

No one expected that the strict instructions they received to gather at this time and even to put on their hidden equipment for night travel were to take on such a risky mission!

In a second, all the soldiers started to comment on this.

Although the various Team Leaders tried their best to suppress them, the effect was not very good.

Huang Yueli coughed loudly, “Keep quiet, all of you!”

The voices were reduced slightly.

Huang Yueli continued to say, “Today, our campsite might have suffered major losses.

But the demon tribes losses are even greater than ours! We must grab hold of this chance and completely annihilate them!”

She paused for a moment and continued to say, “We are all courageous soldiers in the allied armies.

So why have we come to this place Its to protect our homeland, to hone ourselves on the battlefield and complete our breakthrough, and to earn more military merits to get a higher rank! As long as we gain success for todays battle, then all of you… will be able to get these!”

Huang Yuelis voice wasnt very loud, but it caused ripples to stir in the practitioners hearts.

“Thats right! I joined the army and even became a frontline soldier, not so that I can escape like a beaten dog!”

“I brought my hopes and dreams to this place.”

“But after such a long time on the battlefield living from hand to mouth every day, and even being trapped by the demon tribe this time, it had slowly vanquished my determination.”

Huang Yueli continued to say, “Now, everyones chance is here! Sky Devil Rui Xuan had been seriously injured by Divine Lieutenant, and this is a golden opportunity for us! Im sure all of you know how high the rewards are for killing Sky Devil.

It is sufficient for everyone on the campsite to be promoted to one rank higher!”

The soldiers below started to clamour once again.

Moreover, this time, they hadnt lost their head out of fear, but were discussing excitedly!

The way Huang Yueli spoke had a way to stimulate the crowd and invoke their inner determination.

It also allowed them to see their future and hopes!

Huang Yueli cleverly stopped at the right moment.

“I wont say too much.

Todays operation is indeed a little risky.

But to gain victory on the battlefield, it is necessary to take some risks.

As long as everyone follows my instructions, executes them, and fights bravely, I promise you that you will gain enough military merits to satisfy you.”

“Alright! Now, everyone, prepare to move out!”

With one command, the gathered soldiers started to move.

Before they gathered, Huang Yueli had already told the various Commanders their detailed instructions and arrangements.

Eight Commanders will each lead a big troop of soldiers that was composed of 10 small teams.

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