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Jing Zhihai felt that Huang Yueli would definitely not agree to it and was starting to become delighted.

He thought inwardly, “I knew it.

This lowly human thinks hes a little smart and wants to battle against me Hes simply daydreaming!”

“Alright, well do as you say!”

Huang Yuelis icy cold voice rang, and Jing Zhihais complacent smile froze.

“What Say that again” He thought that he heard her wrongly.

Huang Yueli swept him a glance.

“Now that the competitions content and condition have been confirmed, lets stop wasting time and start immediately! Ill give you a quarter of an hour to select your team.

After the time is up, we will still gather here and invite all the soldiers from the campsite to be our witness!”

“Good, thats wonderful! The campsite hasnt had such exciting things happening for a long time!”

“A quarter of an hour, theres still 15 minutes! I must quickly go back and tell my brothers to come here and watch this together!”

“This is going to be so interesting.

Commander Jing is so confident, I wonder which of them will win”

The campsite instantly broke into a clamor.

The soldiers were extremely excited.

Even after they had a tough battle, to be able to see such an exciting fight, was simply giving the dull army life a sparkle.

Now that things had been put across, Jing Zhihai couldnt possibly say no.

Of course, he had no intention to reject it anyway.

Although Huang Yuelis confident look made him feel a little apprehensive, Hing Zhihai felt that he would emerge as the victor in the end!

Following In the next 15 minutes, Huang Yueli and Jing Zhihai both went to select the candidates among their subordinates.

The number of soldiers crowding around the center of the campsite was increasing.

Practically, the entire army had come to watch this battle to see who would win the control of the campsite!

Even the seriously injured Li Yukun was pushed out by Xia Yunxi personally to watch this competition.

A quarter of an hour passed by in a blink of an eye.

Huang Yueli and Jing Zhihai led their team and appeared on two ends of the competition grounds.

The spectators took a clear look at the candidates and were stunned.

By now, those ignorant practitioners suddenly understood what was going on.

They finally could comprehend why Jing Zhihai raised that kind of condition earlier!

Jing Zhihais team was full of Dream Profound Realm mid-phase practitioners and there was even one who was in Dream Profound Realm end-phase! Moreover, these people were all holding the ranks of Team Leaders.

Not one of them was an ordinary soldier!

Whereas Huang Yuelis team looked a little shabby.

The 10 soldiers she led were truly soldiers.

Only one was in Dream Profound Realm early-phase.

The remaining six were in tenth stage realm and the last three were only in ninth stage realm!

Of course, Huang Yuelis subordinates were originally an ordinary teams standard.

It was not appropriate to say that they were very weak.

But as compared to Jing Zhihais specially curated team, it was a world of difference!

“What the hell! Commander Jing is… too shameless!”

“What kind of competition is this This is more like bullying, no”

“Thats right.

They agreed to compete based on the standard of command, but with such great disparity, how are we able to tell the standard of command”

“No wonder Commander Jing raised that strange condition earlier! Team Leader Li is simply too innocent.

He actually didnt tell that it was a trap.

This time round… hes finished!”

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