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Jing Zhihai ran out of the main tent, stood on the vacant land in the center of the campsite, and issued a challenge to Huang Yueli.

“Li Yuehuang, come out here quickly! We agreed to have a competition to ascertain who should take over the command.

Dont tell me youre having regrets already”

He purposely shouted even louder than usual.

His original deep voice was broadcasted through the wind and Profound Energy and instantly floated into each soldiers ears.

Hearing this, which soldier would not feel shocked

All the non-injured practitioners ran outwards and crowded around the vacant land in the center of the campsite.

At the same time, everyone was discussing in whispers.

“Whats happening What on earth is going on Commander Jing and Team Leader Li… why are they going to fight”

“I heard that Divine Lieutenant is seriously injured and he assigned Team Leader Li to take command of the campsite.

Commander Jing is not convinced so he raised a challenge to him.

Team Leader Li has already accepted it!”

“Thats not right.

Team Leader Lis experience is so shallow.

How can he take command of the campsite”

“Who says Team Leader cant command Didnt you see his Team 3, how many military merits had they gained Those in Team 3s are so proud that they are about to float to the sky! If I could choose, I also want to be commanded by Team Leader Li! Moreover, he was the one who fixed the defensive array and mechanism today.

Hes our savior!”

“What you say… is correct as well.

But Team Leader Li is only in Dream Profound Realm, isnt it How can he possibly be Commander Jings opponent He will definitely lose!”

“Not only will he lose, but he might also even die! Why would he do this He might as well give up the authority, why would he choose to give up his life”

Ever since Huang Yueli led Team 3 to earn a huge amount of military merit, the other practitioners were full of praise for her.

In this period, many of them took the initiative to ask for a transfer to Team 3.

So, the ordinary soldiers had no comment over Huang Yueli taking control of the campsite.

In fact, quite a lot of people were on her side.

But towards she and Jing Zhihais battle, everyone agreed in unison that the latter would obtain victory! Dream Profound Realm mid-phase versus Heart Profound Realm mid-phase.

Anyone with brains knew who would be the victor!

A lot of people felt that Huang Yueli was insane! Some of them felt that she must have earned too many military merits so her ego became inflated.

So that was why she was schemed by Jing Zhihai, provoked by him, and agreed to the wager.

While everyone was still discussing this, Huang Yueli had already walked out of the main tent.

She stood firmly in the center of the campsite and her posture was calm and unhurried.

She took a look at Jing Zhihai and said unhurriedly, “Commander Jing, I am a person of my words so I naturally wont regret this.

But the method for our battle….

It must be decided by me!”

Jing Zhihai sneered disdainfully, “Well let you decide on it them! Your cultivation is just that bit, so its up to you how you want to do it.

Just dont even think about winning This Commander!”

Jing Zhihai assumed that his ability is much higher than Huang Yuelis so he slighted her with disdain.

What he was most worried about was that Huang Yueli would cling to the words that this was Li Yukuns order and refuse to compete to see who would obtain the authority to command.

Now that Huang Yueli had agreed with the competition, he felt that all the obstacles had been thoroughly eradicated.

The control of the campsite would land in his pocket!

Huang Yueli nodded her head, “Alright then.

Lets do this…”

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