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Xia Yunxi nodded and said, “Im guessing thats the case!”

Huang Yueli couldnt help but sneer.

“If my memory didnt fail me, it should be that White Tiger Clan, Jing Zhihais turn to patrol the campsite today, right Doesnt he think that he is the Number One Top Expert beneath Divine Lieutenant Doesnt he look down on the other Commanders In the end, the sentry guards he dispatched had issued and almost got everyone killed! Can he hold the responsibility for this”

Xia Yunxi also looked indignant.

“Thats right, if we manage to defeat the enemy this time, we must give him a severe punishment!”

Huang Yueli sighed and said, “Saying these now is of no use.

Wed better think of ways to chase these devils out first!”

Xia Yunxi frowned.

“This might pose some difficulty… the campsites defense is mainly due to the arrays and mechanisms.

Now that the demon tribe had already destroyed our arrays, the devil army is gushing over right now!”

Huang Yueli thought for a moment and said, “We can fix the damaged arrays! Luckily I went around to study the campsites arrays a few days ago… How about this, lets go over to the defense arrays and take a look first”

Xia Yunxi didnt object to it.

The two young ladies looked around and dashed out from the haystacks when the devils were not paying attention.

After going around a few tents, Huang Yueli suddenly stopped in her tracks.

Xia Yunxi was following right behind her and didnt expect her to suddenly stop.

She almost bumped into her back.

“… Yueli Whats the matter”

Huang Yueli said, “I saw someone familiar… Just nice, I was just thinking of gathering some soldiers, this is a good opportunity!”

On a vacant land between three tents, six to seven soldiers held their swords to attack the devils.

The leader of the group was Huang Yuelis Team 3s soldier, Wang Yuxin.

Xia Yunxi propped her head out and took a look, crying out instantly in astonishment.

“This lad is your subordinate I really cant tell from his looks that hes rather capable!”

When they ran over, they mostly saw the devils chasing and killing the humans.

Only a small minority were fighting against the demon tribe.

There were even lesser cases where the humans were having the advantage.

But now, the teammates that Wang Yuxin brought were fighting the devils!

Moreover, they lined into their formation, surrounded the devils who were greater in numbers, made use of the variations of the formation to form an encirclement, and finally killed the enemy!

Huang Yueli took a few looks at them and a smile broke out on her face.

She nodded, “Hes indeed capable!”

In this period, she had been training her team members, getting them to be familiarized with various arrays.

She also specially picked a few group leaders like Wang Yuxin and Zheng Yichuan.

But she didnt expect Wang Yuxins power of comprehension to be this high.

It was only a few days of training and he could also operate the formation to direct his groupmates to fight!

Seeing Wang Yuxin and the others killed the last devil, Huang Yueli immediately walked over and called out to them.

Seeing Huang Yueli appearing, the soldiers revealed a joyous look!

Wang Yuxin dashed over and reported, “Team Leader, weve been looking for you! The demon tribe suddenly broke into the campsite and we were separated from our team.

Now, we dont know if theyre dead or alive… also, Team Leader, has the campsite been broken in What… should we do now”

The human soldiers had uneasy and terrified expressions on their faces.

Huang Yueli placated them and said, “Dont be too anxious.

Ive already got a plan.”

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