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This group of people under Zheng Yichuan had been observing them for a very long time.

They were long influenced by their teammates hunting the devils.

All of them were full of vigor and long wanted to have a go at it.

Hearing Huang Yuelis instruction, everyone hurriedly nodded in agreement and obediently lined up at the back of the line.

Huang Yueli instructed the soldiers to collect all the devil stones.

Just as everyone thought that she was about to lead them away, Huang Yueli suddenly stopped in her tracks and pointed at a tall soldier in the group.

She said, “You, fall out! Whats your name”

The tall practitioner said a word of gossip earlier and was caught by Huang Yueli red-handed.

Later on, he didnt dare to speak casually and had been hiding within the group, working diligently.

Now that he heard Huang Yueli pointing him out, he was extremely nervous.

“Team Leader, This Subordinates name is Wang Yuxin…”

Huang Yueli nodded and said, “Earlier, the person who said I wont kill Zheng Yichuan is you, right”

The tall practitioner jolted in fear!

He felt that Huang Yueli should have heard him, but as she didnt scold him earlier, he was hanging around with an ostrich mentality, hoping that Huang Yueli didnt notice what he said earlier.

Unfortunately, a false vision was still a false vision.

It was still exposed by Huang Yueli in the end.

Wang Yuxin hurriedly tried to explain, “Team Leader, This Subordinate didnt do it intentionally.

I will watch my words in the future, and will absolutely not spout rubbish again!”

Huang Yueli looked at him with a vague smile and nodded as she said, “Youre an intelligent person.

Earlier when you encircled the Earth Devil, someone made a mistake and you dared to remind them in front of me.

Youre not bad!”

Wang Yuxin thought that he would be punished by Huang Yueli, so he didnt expect to be praised instead

His tanned face flushed a shade of pink.

“Team Leader, youve overpraised me.

This Subordinate… This Subordinates reaction is just a little faster than other people!”

“Fast reaction is a major advantage! Do your job well! And, remember what you said.

Dont ever say things that you shouldnt be saying again in the future!”

Huang Yueli was rather appreciative of this smart young lad.

Those practitioners with the talent to command were actually much harder to find than people with outstanding cultivation innate talent.

But she didnt forget to scold him for his wrongdoing as well.

Seeing Wang Yuxin returning in line after being educated, she left them towards the next possible location where the demon tribe might appear.

With Zheng Yichuan and the others joining them, Team 3s battle power had evidently improved by a notch.

Huang Yueli also discovered that those few people who were on good terms with Zheng Yichuan were at the tenth stage realm cultivation.

Their ability was top-notch in Team 3.

It was because of that that Group 5s ability was much stronger than the other groups.

Huang Yueli realized that as long as the six of them went through mutual coordination, they would be able to block off an Earth Devils attack on their own.

Although the process might easily come out with various dangerous situations, with Huang Yueli personally giving commands by the side, they could still successfully kill the Earth Devil to obtain the devil stone.

In this way, Huang Yuelis teams rate of killing the demon tribe was even higher.

Even if it was a four or five Earth Devil team, they would be able to annihilate all of them!

Huang Yueli spent an entire day leading her team to sweep through the forest once.

Those devils who hid in the forest had run into bad luck.

Basically, none of them survived and ended up as Team 3s military merits.

Huang Yueli was rather satisfied with this result.

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