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Chapter 2964: Who Is More Disadvantaged (2)

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But now….

Li Tian Yi jumped up.

“Young Master, Young Master! Wh… Whats the matter with you Men, Men, come quickly!!”

At the same time, Huang Yueli, who was refining the Spirit Armaments for Grandmaster Xiao in the Sky Gem Glass Chamber, suddenly felt her right hand tremble.

Immediately following that, the flame beneath the armament furnace lost control and scuttered up into the sky!


A loud sound was heard and the armament furnace exploded violently.

A gust of black smoke spread in the surroundings.

Huang Yueli was tugged hard from the back and fell heavily on the ground.

Because of that, she managed to evade the rampant flame that was spewing explosively.

“Young Master Li, you… dont you know how to avoid it Do you know how dangerous it was earlier When a Spirit Armament furnace explodes, one might die if you dont evade in time!” Grandmaster Xiaos exasperated voice rang.

Huang Yueli then dazedly realized that she was distracted!

For an instance, her mind seemed to have flashed past an image of Li Moying spitting up blood and becoming unconscious.

It made her heart feel a piercing pam.

Later on, she lost control of her right hand.

Originally, she should be making a hand gesture to lower the temperature.

But it became one which raised the temperature instead and the armament furnace simply exploded!

Huang Yueli took a look at the pitch-black scene in front of her and she wanted to cry but there were no tears.

Exploded! She actually caused an explosion!

Ever since she started learning armament refining in her past life, she had never made the furnace explode!

But now, not only did it happen, it was even in front of Grandmaster Xiao…

Earlier, she claimed confidently that she would be able to refine all those standardized Spirit Armaments once again.

But the result was she caused an explosion not too long after…

This was really embarrassing!

Grandmaster Xiao only gave a slight frown.

“Young Master Li, youre very young and your workmanship is very good, so naturally youre bold as well! But in the process of refining Spirit Armaments, any kind of accident might happen to us, Spiritual Armament Masters, so you should be even more careful! Like today, you didnt even run away when it had exploded.

This isnt simply playing a joke with your safety!”

Even though an accident like this happened, Grandmaster Xiao didnt think much of it.

Other than Huang Yueli this kind of devil-like level character, which other Spiritual Armament Master had never exploded their furnaces when they were young

Even Grandmaster Xiao had also spoiled dozens of Spirit Armament furnaces when he was still a Spiritual Armament Master!

Seeing that Huang Yueli was still so young, its perfectly normal to have a little accident when she made a small mistake.

Moreover, the Spiritual Armament furnace that Huang Yueli was using was simply too rundown.

It was already a miracle that it only started to break down now.

He wondered to himself, “For a Spiritual Armament Master of his standard, why did he need to use such a rundown furnace

“Surely, its not because hes this stingy, right He couldnt bear to part with a cent at all!

President Gao also thought of the same thing so he immediately sent someone to give Huang Yueli a new Spiritual Armament furnace.

When Huang Yueli saw that it was new, she felt that she had profited from it.

It wasnt that same low grade inferior product that she bought earlier.

From the looks of it, it seemed extremely superior.

No matter if it was the materials used to make the furnace or the engraved patterns on the sides, they were extraordinary.

Moreover, it didnt seem to be like those models of the standardized Spiritual Armament furnaces that she had seen.

Grandmaster Xiao fiddled with his beard and nodded when he saw this furnace.

“This Spiritual Armament furnace isnt too bad..

It can barely match up Young Master Lis workmanship! Anyone can tell that the rundown furnace from earlier couldnt take a deviant flames high heat!”

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