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Chapter 2927: One Month Later (3)

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Speaking of this, no matter which Sky Gem Grandmaster it was, they had

respectable and esteemed statuses.

Moreover, all of them were haughty so it

r than climbing to heaven to ask them to refine a Treasure


Even if it was the Elders from the Cloudy Qjlin clan, they might not do it.


would depend on how close they were.

But if it was Li Moying, not only would the Sky Gem Grandmasters not reject,

they would fight to refine for him instead.

After all, a god grade genius could possibly become a Life Profound Realm

peerless exponent.

By then, the Sky Gem Grandmaster who refined theTreasure Amament for

him would be able to boast about it!

It was the utmost glory to a Dao Profound Realm top exponent to use the

Treasure Armament that a Sky Gem Grandmaster had refined!

When Li Moying heard that, he shook his head slightly and didnt say anything

at all.

No matter which Sky Gem Grandmaster it was, that person couldnt be

compared with his Lier.

But where did she go to

At this moment, Li Tian Er, who was injured during the battle with the Fissure

Plume Blonde Condor earlier, had already treated his wounds and walked over


“Young Master, you youre not injured, are you” Li Tian Er asked.

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Li Moying shook his head.

The two guards exchange a glance and Li Tian Yi stepped forward.

He asked

cautiously, “Then.

Young Master, what should we do next Should we continue

heading into the barren lands There are very few people here and no one

knows what we will meet with if we venture further.

But weve already met

with the Fissure Plume Blonde Condor here.

If we go in further, we might meet

with stronger Spirit Beasts..

Li Tian Yi stopped speaking at this point.

But his meaning was already very clear.

After all, Li Moying was still in Heart Profound Realm.

Although he killed the

Fissure Plume Blonde Condor, he had to pay a price for it.

Even his mid grade

Treasure Armament was destroyed.

If they were to meet with even more powerful Spirit Beasts, the result would be


Hearing this, Li Moyings gaze congealed slightly and he turned silent.

After a

while, he finally opened his mouth, “The deadline of two months is almost up.

Well set off to Sacred Phoenix Continent tomorrow and meet up with the


Li Tian Yi and Li Tian Er heaveda sigh of relief.

“Yes, Young Master!”

They were extremely worried that ILi Moying would insist on doing it his way,

to continue searching for her in the barren lands.

If he really died or suffered a serious injury there, they wouldnt be able to

answer for it.

But unfortunately, Li Moyings character was overbearing.

If he decided on

something, no one could change his mind!

Now, he had finally decided to go back.

Li Moying swept a faint glance at them and knew what they were thinking of.

But he didnt bother to explain.

He was willing to give up searching and head to Sacred Phoenix Continent

because he had roughly confirmed that Huang Yueli didnt go into the barren


Otherwise, just based on their meticulous search, they would be able to find

some clues of her appearance.

However, there was nothing at all.

Adding on the fact that his little fox had always been cautious.

As long as she

found the barren land to be extremely dangerous, she would realize that she

had gone in the wrong direction and wouldnt possibly continue to venture in.

In this way, there was only one possibility.

His Lier did not take this barren lands path at all.

Instead, she had entered

Serene Rain Town.

But no matter what the reason was, as long as Huang Yueli did not die in the

barren lands, then she would definitely appear in the Sacred Phoenix


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