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Chapter 2902: Drift Apart (2)

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Serene Rain Town had several exits and there were guards stationed there to interrogate all the crowds who were entering or leaving the town.

But Li Moying and the others were wearing the Cloudy Qilin clans totem.

When they saw the high and mighty ancient God clan, the guards wouldnt dare to stop them, even if they were bold enough.

The group of them left the city gates without a hitch and Li Moying finally stopped.

He turned around and instructed, “Even the Sacred Phoenix Race people dont know where Huang Yueli had gone to.

The possibility of her meeting with a fatal danger is extremely high…”

Huang Sanbai claimed that she was attacked by the Cloudy Qilin clan hence she went missing.

Although Li Moying doubted his words, it didnt come across his mind that Huang Sanbai was guilty.

He was making a wild guess and wondered which mysterious force in God Realm had intentionally chosen this moment to strike, just so to incite the feud between the two clans.

But Sacred Phoenix Races practitioners had a deep prejudice against the Cloudy Qilin clan.

So even if he wanted to explain, the other party wasnt interested to listen at all.

Hence, they could only depend on themselves to search for her and analyze all the clues that they had got.

He muttered irresolutely to himself for some time, then he spoke up.

“Since the Sacred Phoenix Race had been searching in Serene Rain Town, that meant that the location where Huang Yueli had gone missing was not far from Serene Rain Town.

Moreover, this town is a necessary path from Soul Connection Ocean to Sacred Phoenix Continent.

Even if she wanted to go to the neighboring small towns, it is necessary to pass through this place.

Since we cant find her in this small town, the biggest possibility is that Huang Yueli had gone missing in between the Soul Connection Ocean and Serene Rain Town…”

It wasnt difficult to come to this conclusion.

Li Moying had come to God Realm for a year and he understood God Realms comprehensive topography.

Soul Connection Ocean was a terrain on the verge of God Realm and in between this place to Serene Rain Town, there was an extremely vast barren land.

There was only one narrow channel that allowed the practitioners to pass through.

Whereas in this vast barren land, there were very few traces of humans and the topography was extremely complex.

There was also a huge quantity of Spirit Beasts prowling around.

Even Dao Profound Realm practitioners wouldnt dare to enter that place so easily, not to mention Lower Realm practitioners who had just ascended.

But if one were to leave the channel and enter into the barren land, that practically meant that it was impossible to leave that place alive!

If that mysterious force wanted to deal with Sacred Phoenix Races god grade genius, luring them into the barren land was the easiest choice to make…

Li Moying thought over this briefly and quickly made the arrangements.

“There isnt any time to waste.

All of you will split up into two teams and interrogate those small towns by the side.

You cannot miss out on any towns which are near Soul Connection Ocean! Tian Yi, Tian Er, you two will follow me to the barren lands to search for her!”

The guards originally stood respectfully beside Li Moying and listened to his instructions.

But upon hearing the fact that he was preparing to enter the barren land, everyone lifted their heads in shock.

Even Tian Yi and Tian Er, who was leading the team, couldnt help but speak out to stop him!

“Young Master Moying, you… you really… must you go into the barren land But the barren land is simply too dangerous.

Even the Elders in the clan dont dare to enter it easily.

Please reconsider your decision!”

“Thats right, Young Master.

The Sacred Phoenix Races god grade genius is missing but they dont even dare to go into the barren land to search for her.

Why must you go on their behalf Frankly speaking, their affairs have nothing to do with you! Even if that god grade genius died accidentally, it has nothing to do with the Cloudy Qilin clan.

Perhaps, it might even be a great thing…”

“Shut up!”

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Tian Er was speaking non-stop when he heard his Young Lord bark sharply!

He shivered and hurriedly shut his mouth.

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