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Chapter 2895: Where is Huang Yueli (5)

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Even if it was Huang Sanbai himself, it was only after he picked her up before he found out about her real name!

But this young practitioner was from the Cloudy Qilin clan.

So how could he possibly find out the situation so clearly in such a short time

Huang Sanbai was still pondering over this when he heard a shuffle of footsteps coming from a distance away.

Shortly after, several figures came rushing from the end of the corridor.

The Sacred Phoenix Races disciples had heard about this and all of them rushed out to act as reinforcements.

“Elder Sanbai, are the scums from Cloudy Qilin Clan here to seek trouble with us again”

“Where are they This time, we must show these scums the real power of Sacred Phoenix Race!”

“Wait, isnt this… the same person we met in Soul Connection Ocean that time…”

The Sacred Phoenix Races practitioners were initially very aggressive.

But when they took a clear look and discovered that the person was Li Moying, a majority of them drew in a breath of cold air and lost their ability to talk.

Huang Sanbai took a look and saw the Sacred Phoenix Races clansmen had already arrived.

So he didnt have time to find out why Li Moying knew about Huang Yuelis name.

He instantly slapped his thigh and pointed at Li Moying as he howled, “You stinky brat! So youre the one at the Soul Connection Ocean! How dare you threaten my Sacred Phoenix Races disciples and moreover, you even chased us all the way to Serene Rain Town to create a ruckus! Looks like Lass Lis disappearance is something that you, Cloudy Qilin clan had plotted! Quickly hand Lass Li over right now! Otherwise, dont blame me for not showing you any respect!”

Li Moyings brows creased when he heard that.

“What did you say Huang Yueli is missing”

His voice was still cold, but there was an untraceable hint of frustration in it.

Huang Sanbai sneered and revealed a furious expression on his face.

“Youre still trying to play dumb! Isnt this part of your Cloudy Qilin Races plot Why When you hear that we, the Sacred Phoenix Race, also has a god grade genius, you cant sit still any longer Were you intending to kill our god grade genius before she has fully matured You people dont think much of Sacred Phoenix Race at all! Dont think that you can treat all of us like fools!”

Li Moyings brows creased even tighter upon hearing that.

From Huang Sanbais meaning, it seemed that Huang Yueli had really gotten into trouble!

Although Huang Sanbais underlying meaning was to push the disappearance onto Cloudy Qilin clan, Li Moying didnt think much of it at all.

Cloudy Qilin clan and Sacred Phoenix Race had a deep feud and he happened to appear around the Soul Connection Ocean several times.

So it was logical for the other party to think in such a way.

Li Moying paused for a moment and ignored the Sacred Phoenix Races practitioners hooting.

Then he turned around and told the guards, “Go in and take a look, to see if Huang Yueli is inside the mayors residence or not!”

Although Huang Sanbai claimed that she had gone “missing”, Li Moying couldnt accept this result at all.

He would rather assume that Sacred Phoenix Race had hidden Huang Yueli somewhere!

If she was attacked and disappeared in God Realm, he didnt know what he would do!

Even if he trusted his Liers ability very much, she had just ascended after all and didnt know anything about God Realm at all!

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If anything were to happen, the possibility of escaping from danger wasnt high at all!

Moreover, Sacred Phoenix Race sent someone to protect her.

Yet, they didnt manage to bring her back safely…

He could not bear to imagine what difficulties were his Lier experiencing right now!

Li Moyings guards responded with a “yes” and dashed right into the mayor manors rear courtyard.

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