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Chapter 2894: Where is Huang Yueli (4)

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They totally didnt feel that anything was amiss.

It was wonderful that Sacred Phoenix Races god grade genius had gone missing!

Just as everyone was puzzled, Li Moyings cold voice suddenly rang.

“Something is indeed strange about this.

It looks like… we have to ask one of the Sacred Phoenix Races men to find out whats going on!”

“Asking them” The guards were stunned.

Li Moying had already turned around, towards the Serene Rain Town mayors residence!

Serene Rain Town was one of the municipalities under Sacred Phoenix Races jurisdiction.

If anyone from the Sacred Phoenix Race were to come here, the mayor would definitely bring them to his residence!

So if he wanted to find the leader of the Sacred Phoenix Race, that would be the most direct way.

Seeing that Li Moying had already walked a distance away, the guards immediately understood what was going on and hurriedly chased after him.

The group of people arrived at the mayors residence.

When they were a distance away, the guards at the entrance had already broken out in sweat!

They had never seen so many Cloudy Qilin clan practitioners appearing in Serene Rain Town at the same time before this.

From their stance, they seem to come to create trouble…

The Sacred Phoenix Races Elder was inside the manor right now.

Could it be that they were here to look for Elder Sanbai

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“This… this Young Master, please… please stop right there! This… this is Serene Rain Towns mayors residence.

All out… outsiders please… please halt!”

The manors guards braced themselves and walked up to stop them.

He stammered while talking and finally completed his sentence.

It really was because these Cloudy Qilin clans practitioners seemed as though they had extraordinary power.

Ordinary practitioners like them from a small town were not their match.

If he wasnt careful and offended them, he might possibly invite trouble on himself!

However, Li Moying didnt even bother to look at him and walked past him directly into the courtyard.

The manors guards wanted to step up to block his way but were terrified by the powerful aura he was giving off.

They totally didnt dare to go near him at all.

“This Young Master… you… this…”

The guards were so anxious that they were about to faint!

If they were to stop him right now, it would be equivalent to digging their graves.

But if they didnt manage to stop these Cloudy Qilin clan practitioners from barging in, they wondered how the mayor would punish them…

Just as they were at a loss on what to do, the main hall door opened with a creaking sound.

Immediately following that, the white-haired Huang Sanbai walked out of the hall.

Following behind him was his direct disciple, Huang Jingyuan.

Li Moying stopped and squinted his eyes slightly as he sized Huang Sanbai up.

Huang Sanbai held a high position in Sacred Phoenix Race.

Li Moying had once read about his information in the clan and immediately recognized him.

At the same time, Huang Sanbai was also observing Li Moying.

At first glance, he was shocked by Li Moyings handsome and ageless countenance!

Ancient god clans bloodlines are noble and all the disciples had outstanding looks.

But it was the first time he had seen someone as good-looking as Li Moying.

Moreover, this person looked really very young and was very powerful!

He was just in his early twenties and already had such a powerful aura.

The power emitted from Li Moying made a Dao Profound Realm practitioner like Huang Sanbai waver!

His pupils abruptly shrank!

This young man, he should be… Cloudy Qilin clans legendary god grade genius!

Li Moying only paused for a moment and opened his mouth to ask, “Where is Huang Yueli”

When he asked that, Huang Sanbai was stunned.

“You… how do you know…” Sacred Phoenix Races god grade geniuss name

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