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Chapter 2868: Escape (3)

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They had been taken care of by the clansmen.

So they were exceptionally close to the Sacred Phoenix Races bloodline so they wouldnt recklessly attack Sacred Phoenix Races practitioners.

Moreover, Huang Sanbai was not the keeper of this Azure Luan.

By right, it should be obedient and tame towards him.

But why did it suddenly jump up and attack him

Huang Sanbai couldnt react in time, as he was filled with puzzlement.

However, the Azure Luan didnt give him a chance to rest.

The temporary pause proved to be extremely fatal.

Huang Sanbais expression turned pale.

He warded off its attack in a fluster and tried his best to retreat.

But his distance and the Azure Luans were too close.

As he went into a short daze earlier, his face was still sprayed by the Azure Luans fire despite him risking everything to hide from it.

In an instant, his brows, beard, and hair were on fire.

Within a blink of an eye, everything was burned cleanly.

Many parts of his skin were even scorched.

There were red and blue-black patches everywhere and many parts were filled with pus which looked extremely horrifying!

“Damnit! Whats wrong with this Azure Luan… heavens, why is it coming at me again!!”

The Azure Luan kept continuing to spray fire on Huang Sanbais face.

“Damn it, damn it! Quickly stop, stop right now.

Did you head me!!”

Huang Sanbais hands were interlocked and he struck out multiple hand gestures which the clans Beast Master had taught him.

But whoever knew that this Azure Luan seemed as though it had taken the wrong medicine.

Its battle power was extremely strong.

Moreover, no matter what action Huang Sanbai did, all it did was spray fire on him.

It also flapped its wings and used its sharp beak to peck on the top of his head!

Huang Sanbai was initially worried about the clans high tiered spirit beast and couldnt bear to hurt it accidentally through his retaliation.

But he quickly realized that it was an extremely wrong decision.

The Azure Luan usually looked like a tame animal but that was only on the surface.

The minute its savage instincts were exposed, it was as difficult to deal with as the same leveled practitioner!

It didnt take long before Huang Sanbais head was full of bloodied injuries from being pecked.

“No way, I cant let this continue! This bird has really gone insane!”

Huang Sanbai was enraged and he didnt have any other misgivings and used his full strength to fight against the Azure Luan.

As Sacred Phoenix Races esteemed Elder, Huang Sanbais battle skills were extremely outstanding.

When he got serious in a battle, the Azure Luan totally wasnt his opponent at all.

After they crossed hands for a quarter of an hour, the Azure Luans right talon was seriously injured and it was on the losing end.

In the end, when it realized that it wasnt this human race old mans match, it flapped its wings and flew into the sky to flee!

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“I must have met a living ghost.

What an unforeseen disaster!”

Looking at the Azure Luans departing figure, Huang Sanbai really felt like capturing that stupid bird that wreaked havoc.

Alas, he couldnt chase up to it at all!

Huang Sanbais face contorted with anger and he couldnt voice out the grievances in his heart!

What was this about A perfectly fine Azure Luan suddenly went crazy!

Moreover, even the hand gestures that the Beast Master taught had lost their effectiveness!

Now, the damn bird even flew away!

The Azure Luan was an important investment in the clan.

Every single one of them was priceless..

If it wasnt to pick Huang Yueli up, he wouldnt have any chance to take one of them out at all.

In the end, he even lost the Azure Luan How was he going to explain to the clan leader when he returned to Ice Moon Summit

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