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Chapter 2847: Shes Really A God Grade Genius! (2)

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According to the probability calculation, there should be quite a number of god grade geniuses in God Realm!

Huang Sanbai looked at her dazed and surprised look, so he could only explain the real scenario to her.

“Young Miss Li, youre really mistaken! Speaking of this, it has been close to three thousand years since a god grade genius appeared in God Realm! As for Sacred Phoenix Race, we havent had a god grade genius in the past ten thousand years! Honestly speaking, no one expected the clans descendants to be unable to nurture a god grade genius, but one ascended from the lower realm instead! Anyway, based on your innate talent, the entire clan has high expectations for you.

So in the future, you need not worry about the resources in Sacred Phoenix Race.

All you need to do is to work hard and cultivate!”

Huang Yueli then slowly came around this.

So, god grade genius was so scarce to this degree!

Huang Zixiaos words were not exaggerated at all…

Thinking that Sacred Phoenix Race actually sent out those respectable Elders to pick her up, she could imagine just how much the clan valued her!

Even if it was in Soaring Heavens Continent, she had never enjoyed such good treatment.

Huang Yueli felt a little excited.

Soaring Heavens Continents resources were scarce and the Heaven and Earth Profound Qis intensity wasnt high as well.

It had always been her greatest secret worry, and she was very worried that it might affect her future achievement in the art of cultivation.

Now that she was able to receive the utmost nurture from Sacred Phoenix Race, it was simply like a lifesaver!

Huang Yueli was indulged in her excitement for a short moment and suddenly thought of a question.

She lifted her head and looked at Huang Sanbai.

Then she hesitated for a moment before she asked, “Right, Elder Sanbai, earlier… you said that God Realm hasnt had a god grade genius in the past three thousand years Has….

Has there never been any god grade genius until now Am I the only one”

She raised this question carefully and her heart started to pound wildly.

There was an indescribable uneasiness in her heart.

Logically speaking, she shouldnt be the only god grade genius in God Realm.

Li Moyings innate talent wasnt any weaker than hers.

According to God Realms standard, he should be a god grade genius as well!

But from Huang Sanbais tone, there hadnt been any god grade genius in the past three thousand years…

Then where had Li Moying gone to

Surely he… he didnt meet with an accident like her in the void space, and didnt manage to arrive in God Realm in the end, right

If this was the case, then she…

Just as Huang Yueli was feeling anxious and terrified, Huang Sanbai gave a cold snort and spoke disdainfully, “Actually, thats not so.”

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“God Realm indeed did not have any new god grade geniuses in the past three thousand years.

But at the end of last year, a god grade genius suddenly appeared in Cloudy Qilin Clan.

Moreover, they had kept him well-hidden.

It was until this year that the other clans started to get news of this…”

Hearing the three words “Cloudy Qilin Clan”, Huang Yueli immediately knew that this person was Li Moying!

Not only did her husband arrive safely in God Realm, but he had also returned to his clan.

This news to her was simply too delightful.

She was very happy with the news.

Her waist was no longer sore, and her feet were no longer in pain.

Hence, she directly sat up straight.

Huang Yueli was just about to say something when Huang Sanbai spoke again, “Hmph, those scums in Cloudy Qilin Clan..

Youve never seen their scoundrel look! They think that they have a god grade genius in their clans and theyre so great.

They can suppress our Sacred Phoenix Race by a great deal! What a dream! We Sacred Phoenix Race has a god grade genius like you too!”

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