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Chapter 2827: Huang Yueli Ascends (2)

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All of them couldnt care about the others and quickly turned around to escape for their lives!

Right behind them was a huge fireball that dropped down from the sky.

The air seemed to have congealed!

That suffocating feeling made everyones hair stand on end.

The Profound Energy in their bodies were tugged and their meridians seemed as though it was about to burst immediately!

All the practitioners had already used up all their energy and risked their lives running forward!

But it was already too late by the time they reacted!


A deafening explosion was heard right behind them!

Other than Celestial Light Sects Great Elder and a few others who swiftly escaped, the others were impacted by the remnant fluctuations of the explosion.

They were sent flying one after another!

Among those who were in the very back, they fainted from the explosion and were unconscious!

Great Elder and the others turned green.

“Its too scary, really too scary! So, this..

this is the seventh stage heavenly tribulation!!”

“I thought I heard wrongly earlier! I really didnt expect there to be a seventh stage heavenly tribulation! Bai Ruolis innate talent is really… really out of ones expectations!”

“Luckily, Im most apt in body movements Profound Skills so I run faster than other people.

Otherwise, I would probably end up in a miserable state…”

“We are so far away yet all of us end up in such a terrible state.

Young Miss Bai is standing right below the tribulation cloud… how much pressure is that! She looks so frail and soft, can she….

really take this”

Hearing that, all of those escaping people secretly turned around to take a few more looks.

Under the rampant tribulation cloud, the young ladys petite figure stood against the wind like a proud little plum blossom that wasnt afraid of the frost or snow.

Although her clothes were stained with dust, she didnt look too bad and was still so elegant and graceful!

Earlier that heavenly tribulation which made all of them end up in a miserable state didnt seem to cause any injury on her!

If it was said that everyone was still puzzled by Huang Yuelis ability, then the truth was right in front of their eyes right now.

So no one had any more doubts about her!

They were completely crushed by a young lass in her teenage years!

Whereas for Huang Yueli, she could no longer bother about those practitioners.

All her attention was placed on the remaining three stage heavenly tribulations!

After she got through the seven stage heavenly tribulation, she looked alright on the outside.

But in fact, she had sustained a bit of internal energy and her chest was starting to feel uncomfortable.

She realized that she had just entered a difficult phase.

Now was the real crucial moment to test her ability! She could not afford to be distracted!

There wasnt any pause in the eighth and ninth stage heavenly tribulations at all.

Huang Yueli adjusted all her Profound Energy to unleash her fire domain to the maximum limit!

At the same time, the Sacred Phoenix Reflection behind her back could be seen clearly!

After she broke through to the tenth stage realm, Huang Yuelis Sacred Phoenix Reflection became more and more powerful than the previous.

It also became clearer and gave off an astonishing powerful suppression!

Those practitioners hiding far away secretly observing her going through the heavenly tribulation were stunned by this.

Based on their cultivation and eyesight, they totally couldnt tell if the Sacred Phoenix Reflection was an illusion or the real deal.

All of them stared with their mouths agape at the ancient phoenix which was flying in the sky while unleashing various deviant flames.

“Heavens, what did I just see What did I just see! This time, I am definitely sure… that I am dreaming!”

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