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Chapter 2799: Sacred Phoenix Races Surprise (2)

“Comprehending conceptualization starting from the tenth stage realm.

Only the best heaven grade genius can comprehend fifth stage conceptualization on their first try! Now youre hinting to us that the practitioner who triggered the former clan leaders spiritual imprint is actually in the ninth stage realm This… isnt this a little too ridiculous!”

The others heard about it and felt that this wasnt very reliable.

So they silently frowned.

“Yes, this… is this kind of thing credible If its really as what you say, then hasnt our Sacred Phoenix Race… come out with a… a god grade genius”

“How can god grade genius possibly be this easy to appear In the entire God Realm, we havent had one in the past three thousand years! Cloudy Qilin Clan has just come out with one and now, our Sacred Phoenix Race has another too”

“Could the be damaged Or was there an error in the news we received from Soaring Heavens Continent due to the space barrier”

All the Elders first reaction was disbelief!

This kind of genius was indeed shocking news.

Just thinking of it alone left everyone stunned!

If this kind of genius were to appear in God Realm, everyone would feel better.

But the genius was said to come from the Lower Realm, a continent which was isolated by the space barrier where Profound Qi was scarce!

This was really unacceptable to everyone.

But Steward Zhuang said solemnly, “Elders, I also thought that I saw it wrongly at first, or perhaps there might be a mistake in the news.

But before I came to report to Clan Leader, Ive already checked it carefully.

The space barrier in Soaring Heavens Continent had recently been broken some time ago.

The former clan leaders spiritual imprint is also complete.

Theres a 99% chance that this news… is correct!”

Steward Zhuang was Huang Tianhaos most trusted manager and he had always been reliable in his work.

If these words came from him, the credibility of it was extremely high.

For a moment, all the Elders were stunned.

Apparently, they were unable to digest this piece of shocking news.

After some time, Huang Tianhao was the first to come back to his senses.

“Steward Zhuang, are you certain If what you said is true, doesnt it mean that Sacred Phoenix Race has also come out with a god grade genius”

This kind of innate talent, this kind of comprehension!

Only a god grade genius was capable of achieving it!

Steward Zhuang hurriedly cupped his fists and bowed to Huang Tianhao.

He hurriedly replied, “This Subordinate does not dare to be careless in this matter! It is absolutely true! Congratulations, Clan Leader!”

Huang Tianhao received the confirmation and a smile broke out on his face.

He was so excited that he didnt know what to say for the time being.

“Good, good! This really… really is great news! Hahahaha, I didnt expect our Sacred Phoenix Race to have such good luck! We were just about to be suppressed by the Cloudy Qilin Clan, but in the end, we received a god grade genius! Heaven is simply helping us! Now that we also have a god grade genius, lets see how long will Cloudy Qilin Clan be smug for!”

Huang Tianhao felt overjoyed, and he couldnt help but stand up as he walked around the main seat.

“So what if Cloudy Qilin Clan has a god grade genius Whats so great about that We, Sacred Phoenix Race, also have one!! This Clan Leader doesnt believe that based on our resources and inheritance, the god grade genius that we nurture would be weaker than the Cloudy Qilin Clans trash!”

Hearing his words, the Elders below all regained their senses.

All of them revealed a shocked and joyous expression!

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