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Chapter 2794: Cloudy Qilin Clans God Grade Genius (1)

The number of practitioners who comprehended fifth stage conceptualization the first time they tried could be counted with one hand.

For those in the ninth stage realm, Huang Yueli was the only one!

He had not expected the petite and frail-looking young lady actually had such horrifying power of comprehension! He thought that he was dreaming!

After a while, Huang Zixiao finally accepted this reality.

Little Phoenix was still stomping its feet as it hugged Huang Zixiaos thigh.

“Uncle, Uncle, you cant just leave her in the lurch! Female Devil is a member of your Sacred Phoenix Race!”

Huang Zixiao heaved a deep sigh and stretched out his hand to pat its head.

“Shes not in danger, but… but she had really comprehended the fifth stage conceptualization!”

Little Phoenixs mouth turned into an “O” shape.

“Ah How is that possible Didnt you just say earlier that Female Devil will definitely not be able to comprehend the fifth stage conceptualization! What on earth is going on”

“Youre asking me whats going on How would I know This is simply a miracle!” Huang Zixiao muttered irresolutely.

Until now, he still felt as though he was in a dream.

Little Phoenix was jumping and screaming beside him.

“I knew it, Female Devil is a genius.

Hehe, its all because This Lord has taught her well!”

When Huang Zixiao heard that, his lips twitched and he really admired Huang Yueli from the bottom of his heart.

She could actually hold herself back from whipping this brat!

But immediately following that, his gaze shifted towards the top of the tower, towards the direction where the former clan leaders spiritual imprint had disappeared.

Now that Soaring Heavens Continents space barrier was gone, he wondered if the spiritual imprint had transmitted to God Realm

If the descendants of God Realms Sacred Phoenix Race knew that such a peerless genius had appeared, he wondered what kind of reactions they would show

God Realm.

Sacred Phoenix Race was a huge clan with a long history in God Realm.

Their clans disciples were distributed all over the twelve continents.

But the clans core structure was located in Sacred Phoenix Continents center position on the top of a steep mountain.

This Ice Moon Summit was isolated by steep mountains.

Only Sacred Phoenix Races disciples who were well-versed in driving flying magical beasts and their cultivations were above tenth stage realm could climb up.

For numerous years, Sacred Phoenix Race had repeatedly built palaces on this apex and set up numerous mechanisms and arrays, hence becoming one of God Realms Sacred Lands which everyone looked up to.

In the core of the Ice Moon Summit was the clan leaders palace.

At this very moment, various Elders had gathered here.

All of them had anxious looks on their faces, as they were having hushed discussions.

The current clan leader Huang Tianhao, who was seated on the host seat, coughed and said in a heavy tone, “Elders, I believe that everyone has already received the news.

Last year, a descendant from the Cloudy Qilin Clan ascended from the Lower Realm, and he was said to be a god-grade genius who had not appeared in the past three thousand years! Cloudy Qilin Clan had always been our mortal enemy and this matter is of utmost importance.

Hence This Clan Leader gathered everyone here to come out with a strategy!”

He had just completed his sentence when a white-haired Elder started to talk.

“Clan Leader, this incident is a hot topic in God Realm, but is it really true This Elder thinks that it is very suspicious!”

The other middle-aged lady also voiced her concerns.

“Thats right, those scums from the Cloudy Qilin Clan had always been sinister and sly.

In the past thousand years, their forces had been expanding swiftly, and they seemed to have a hidden tendency to override the other God Clans!”

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