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Chapter 2789: Someones bullying a Phoenix (4)

Although she wasnt clear about the situation, Huang Yueli decisively grabbed hold of the chance and instantly started to meditate and cultivate while comprehending the remaining runes in her mind.

Not knowing what was going on, the remainders happened to be the simplest runes.

Huang Yueli focused totally on comprehending and very soon, she managed to refine those runes, merging them into her soul trace.

As a large portion of runes started to disappear, the Phoenix imprint opened its mouth again and spat out another portion of runes.

Huang Yueli was stunned for a moment and immediately understood the situation.

So she started to comprehend the new runes again…

To practitioners who found it hard to mount the high wall in comprehending the third stage conceptualization for the first time, Huang Yueli managed to conquer it smoothly through this orderly fashion…

Her cultivation was also raised by two small realms!

It was because of this which caused a much greater stir of Profound Energy fluctuations when she advanced, and that in turn was discovered by Huang Zixiao and Little Wang Cai…

By the time she completely comprehended the third stage conceptualization, Huang Yueli slowly stood up feeling fearful.

“I didnt imagine the third stage to be so difficult! Even if I manage to find the crux and decode the fire domain, I still have to face the impact of overloaded information on my soul trace.

If it wasnt for the Sky Phoenix Ring, Im afraid that I might already be seriously injured…”

“Sky Phoenix Ring… how on earth was it able to help me comprehend the conceptualization”

Huang Yueli thought over it for a moment and finally had a bit of an idea.

“Thats right, Senior Huang said this earlier.

The person who refined the Sky Phoenix Ring and is the same! Perhaps, its exactly because of this which is why the Sky Phoenix Ring and this drawing have a certain link.

Thats probably why the rune in the drawing has limited control over it…”

Just as she was thinking about this, a new fire domain started to congeal in the faraway plans.

Huang Yueli looked at that rising flame and squinted her eyes.

Earlier when she was comprehending the third stage conceptualization, she had already decided to comprehend that stage and leave.

Based on her current rewards, it shouldnt be a major problem to break through to the tenth stage realm after cultivating for a little while more.

Hence there was no need to get herself killed just because she wanted to comprehend a little more.

After all, based on what Huang Zixiao said, she would have plenty of other chances to comprehend the other conceptualizations or rely on her own conclusion and enlightenment.

But now that she knew the efficacy of the Sky Phoenix Ring, she felt unwilling to leave.

With this abnormal God Relics aid, not to mention the fourth stage conceptualization, even if it was the fifth stage or sixth stage, she felt assured to give it a try…

She creased her brows and thought for a while more.

Shortly after, she carried her zither and put on a fighting stance!

She thought of trying to see where her limit of comprehension would end!

Another few months passed by.

Outside the secret room.

Little Phoenix was still flapping its wings flying up and down in circles.

But its size was totally different from half a year ago.

If Huang Yueli were to awaken and see it, she would probably not be able to recognize Little Phoenix!

It was no longer the size of a fat chicken but had a defined figure.

Its body and wings had grown by a bit and the feathers on its head and back were sparkling brightly!

Its movements were smooth and suave.

Although it was still small, there was a kind of luxurious beauty to it.

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