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Chapter 2772: Towards the Inheritance Tower (7)

She could only try her best to pacify Bai Liufeng.

“Father, dont worry.

I believe that Moying would never have a change of heart! I want to break through earlier, not only because I want to look for him, but also for myself! A practitioners highest potential only lasts a few decades.

If I can ascend earlier, it will be very good for my future achievements!”

How would Bai Liufeng not know what Huang Yueli was saying

But he just couldnt bear for his daughter to part with him so soon.

Huang Yueli told them that she was going to Sacred Phoenix Races inheritance tower.

Entering such a dangerous place like the inheritance tower, no one knew what would happen.

There was a risk that her life might be in danger, so how was he going to set his mind at ease

Huang Siluo shook her head upon seeing this and touched his furrowed brows, easing the tense lines on his forehead.

She opened her mouth and said, “Oh Liufeng, Lass Li is already grown up and she has her thinking! So why dont you let her do as she wish Moreover, Soaring Heavens Continents Heaven and Earth Profound Qi is getting scarcer.

In the past thousand years, the inheritance tower rarely appeared.

Even if it does, the location would always change and its very difficult to find it.

Even my brother wasnt able to enter the inheritance tower! Lass Li was able to enter by mistake so that proves that she has exceptional genius luck!”

Bai Liufeng didnt dare to go against his wife and only snorted.

However, he did not rebuke anymore.

“This kind of chance doesnt come by so easily so she should go! But the inheritance tower is very difficult to find.

Are you certain that you will be able to find it this time”

Huang Yueli smiled when she heard that.

“Mother, theres something that you dont know.

The inheritance tower shifts according to a certain array regulation and I roughly have an idea in my heart.

Moreover, the space barrier in Soaring Heavens Continent is already broken so the energy in the inheritance tower should be replenished.

Perhaps, it wouldnt move that often now.”

Huang Siluo was suddenly enlightened, “Thats right! The current Soaring Heavens Continent is no longer the same as before!”

The current Heaven and Earth Profound Qi were abundant and all the powerhouses were thriving.

But several people still werent able to come around it.

“In this case, I can relax…” Huang Siluo nodded.

She continued to ask for detailed information related to the inheritance tower before she barely eased her worries.

She and Bai Liufeng took out a lot of treasures and medicinal pills which they had been saving and passed everything to Huang Yueli for protection purposes.

Initially, she didnt want to take it.

But upon thinking that when she was going to break through to tenth stage realm, there was a chance that she might not be in Blue Profound Sect.

So by then if she wanted to get past the Heavenly tribulation peacefully, the more treasures and medicinal pills she had, the better.

So she kept all of it.

She wanted to ask Huang Siluo to go along to the inheritance tower for refinement but the tower spirit Huang Zixiao once mentioned that only younger generation geniuses between fifteen to twenty years old could take part in.

Huang Siluo had already passed the age hence she could only give up this idea.

The next morning, Huang Yueli left Blue Profound Sect from the rear mountain.

She didnt want everyone to send her off but those people who were concerned about her silently gathered at a tall area in the rear mountains, sending her off with their watchful eyes.

“Sigh, I wonder when will I ever meet Junior Sister after this departure…” Liu Buyan felt despondent.

Huang Siluo shot him a gaze, “Perhaps, we can only meet in the God Realm!”

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