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Chapter 2763: Shes Actually Huang Yueli! (6)

Grand Elder He started to tremble when he saw Cang Po Jun nearing.

“Madam… Li, Guardian… Jun, please… show mercy… if you show us mercy, I… I am willing to be Madam Lis servant…”

Grand Elder He knew that his earlier “kind intentions” came from him and Huang Yueli was going to use this to punish them.

So he would absolutely be the first person to be killed.

Grand Elder He was already scared stiff so all he had in his mind was to save his own life.

To do that, he would say anything to beg for mercy.


He was in the middle of his sentence when he let out a miserable cry.

Cang Po Jun only felt that he was like a mosquito that kept buzzing around his ear.

He didnt bother and just lifted Grand Elder He.

Grand Elder He was seriously injured.

His ability wasnt as high as Cang Po Jun so naturally, he had no resistance power at all.

He was like a little bird which was held high up by the tall Cang Po Jun.

Guardian Jun struck out his palm on his chest and directly hit his heart.

Grand Elder He could not even scream in time.

His eyes rolled back and died!

Later on, Cang Po Jun pulled out a dagger from his waist and slit open his chest.

Then he took out Grand Elder Hes heart.

A gush of warm blood spurted out from Grand Elder Hes chest and spilled onto Cang Po Juns clothes.

Accompanied by the sharp dagger and the beating heart, it made him look like a vicious ghost that came from hell.

No one could bear to look straight at him.

Some slightly timid practitioners were so scared that they were foaming at the mouth.

However, Cang Po Jun didnt even flinch.

He merely turned his head to Huang Yeulis direction and said, “Reporting to Madam, this fellows heart is indeed bad.

He isnt kind-hearted at all, hes just trying to deceive you!”

Huang Yueli slowly took a look at that heart and nodded, “Indeed a bad heart.

How dare he lie to me.

Capture all his Seven Stars Palaces disciples and bury them in the rear mountain!”

All the practitioners were stunned by Cang Po Juns vicious ways.

Now upon hearing Huang Yuelis instructions, all of them were frightened out of their minds!

Especially the disciples from Seven Stars Palace, many of them just fell to the ground.

No one knew if they had been scared to death alive!

Those with brains would know that when Grand Elder Hes heart was pierced by Cang Po Jun earlier, there was no “kind heart”.

This had nothing to do with Grand Elder He at all.

It was totally an intentional act by Blue Profound Sect.

But under Huang Yueli and the others overwhelming ability, who dared to debate on this

Everyone shrank their necks, hoping that they could shrink themselves into a ball and roll far, far away from Huang Yuelis line of vision!

They were worried that the next one to have their hearts dug out would be themselves!

Alas, no matter how they tried to shrink, they were after all a living person.

how could they possibly disappear

Huang Yueli looked around for a moment and gazed past everyone.

Whoever met her gaze all shivered.

Finally, her eyes set on Old Madam Ling.

Today, the person who kept repeating such malicious words to slander her and Blue Profound Sect was her, Old Madam Ling.

This old woman had already coveted Blue Profound Sects inheritance many decades ago.

Moreover, she had already colluded with Lord Zhan for many years.

Based on her cultivation and age, she should have died long ago.

She should have taken a great number of pills which were refined using young practitioners blood essence, to be able to live until today!

Detecting Huang Yuelis gaze, Old Madam Ling trembled!

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