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Chapter 2737: Heavenly Tribulation Tenth Stage (7)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

She picked casually and chose such an unsurpassable, excellent genius as her husband!

Moreover, he happened to be from the Cloudy Qilin Clan…

Everyone looked at Li Moying, feeling a mixture of emotions.

Shock, admiration, worship, praise…

His power was practically out of everyones expectations.

Every single time everyone assumed that he had reached his limit, he would reflect an even stronger side of him, which made everyone unable to believe in their own eyes!

They stayed in a daze for a short moment but regained their senses shortly after.

Because the small tribulation cloud in the sky continued to descend.

Although the speed wasnt very fast, every single time it descended, it would absorb the surrounding Heaven and Earth Profound Qi, containing it into its energy field.

Hence, the energy fields energy kept on increasing and it was also becoming brighter and brighter.

Like a burning ball of shooting stars, fleeting across the horizon…

Huang Siluo and the others werent able to take on this suppression and out of no choice, they could only choose to leave instantly!

Before they left, Bai Liufeng did not forget to turn back and beckon to Huang Yueli, “Lass Li, why are you still there Quickly come along with us and leave this place! If youre slightly slower, it will be too late!”

Huang Yueli didnt say a word and hugged Li Moyings waist tightly.

She even buried her face into his arms.

When Bai Liufeng saw that he grew anxious and said, “Lass Li, what on earth are you doing You heard it for yourself, this is Li Moyings heavenly tribulation! If he wants to breakthrough to the tenth stage realm, he must go through this stage! This is a test that he must face alone! You cant help him at all!”

Li Moying grabbed her shoulders and tried to push her away.

His voice was filled with anxiety and frustration.

“Lier, quickly go! Youre only in the ninth stage realm, you really cant help me! Dont worry, your husband isnt that weak.

Its just a test to breakthrough to the tenth stage realm, I will definitely be able to do it safely! Alright, youd better leave quickly.

I really cant stay calm with you here!”

He swiftly said and didnt loosen his grip on her.

He tried using the carrot and the stick, hoping that he could push Huang Yueli out of the energy fields boundary!

But Huang Yueli spoke in a whisper, “Dont think that I dont know.

Youve suffered such a serious injury earlier and the only half God relic that you have is also damaged.

Based on your current state, are you intending to advance to the tenth stage realm Just one bolt of heavenly thunder and it is enough to strike you to death! You want me to watch you die”

Li Moyings breathing took a pause!

He didnt expect Huang Yueli to be so sensitive, to be able to tell his genuine situation just by looking at him!

He had obviously… acted very naturally.

He didnt give himself away at all, did he

How on earth could she tell

In reality, it was just like what Huang Yueli had said.

He didnt have the certainty that he could pass through the tenth stage realm.

Or to be precise, he had no assurance at all!

Even though he didnt see it with his own eyes, but just thinking about it, he knew that it was a major thing for God Realms geniuses to attract ten stage heavenly tribulation.

They should be the peerless geniuses which the large powerhouses sought to nurture.

To help them pass through the toughest test, there would be numerous god relics, medicinal pills, and other resources.

There would also be many guardians and they would never allow the genius to take on the challenge alone.

But Li Moyings situation was on the extreme end of the extreme.

Based on his current state, it would be a miracle if he could pass through the ten stage heavenly tribulation!

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