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Chapter 2685: A Real Strong Practitioner (7)

This powerful ability would put a genuine God Realm strong practitioner to shame!

“What else do you have to say” Pausing for a long time, Li Moying finally asked coldly.

Lord Zhan had just awoken from his shock, and he finally realized the desperate situation he was in right now.

Until now, he had no choice but to put down his pride.

Then he started to beg Li Moying panicky.

“Li… Young Sect Master Li, I beg you… dont… dont kill me! We can discuss things over! As long as you spare my life, I can acknowledge you as my Master and be your most obedient slave forever…”

Li Moying said with a cold and aloof expression, “Just these”

Seeing Li Moying raising the long sword, Lord Zhan almost bit his tongue.

He anxiously shouted, “Young Sect Master Li, please… please stop! Will you please trust me and take me in as your servant.

You will not regret it! We Sacred Phoenix Race have many ancient inheritances.

I… I can offer it all to Master you… Moreover, your ability is so powerful, you must have advanced into tenth stage realm As long as you spare my life, I will help you break through the space barrier so that you can ascend to God Realm! Only I… know what to do!”

Li Moying stared at him coldly and did not say a word.

Lord Zhan assumed that he had agreed, and he was feeling glad over this.

It was exactly what he thought.

Every practitioner had their weakness, and that was their desire for absolute power!

A real strong practitioner would pay any price to raise their cultivation.

They were able to cultivate to the limit because other than the art of cultivation, there was nothing else in their minds!

So as long as he used the ascension to God Realm as a lure, he did not worry that Li Moying would be merciless!

Lord Zhan hurriedly continued, “Young Sect Master Li, dont hesitate any longer! Theres only one chance in front of you now, and if you miss it, it will be difficult to find another chance! Please take a look, the blood moon in the sky is about to fall.

If we dont think of a way soon, all of us will die! But as long as youre willing to listen to me, then not only will we not die, we will also be able to ascend successfully!”

Hearing that, Li Moying frowned slightly.

His cold expression loosened up slightly, “You have an idea”

He had already decided to accompany Huang Yueli in her death.

But those present like Bai Liufeng and his wife, Liu Buyan, and the others did not need to die with them.

If there was a way to save their lives, he was rather interested to listen to it.

Lord Zhan didnt know what Li Moying was thinking about so he assumed that he had already pinpointed his weakness hence he instantly got excited.

He quickly said, “Young Sect Master Li, our Sacrificial Ceremony is already ninety percent completed and were just short of a little bit before we succeed! As long as we complete the ceremony, based on our abilities, we will be able to break through the tenth stage realm and ascend to the God Realm!”

“But didnt you fail” Li Moying said coldly.

Lord Zhans gaze swept towards Bai Liufeng and the others, “Im almost about to succeed! Im just a little short! I just need to throw all of these fellows into the blood pool and reactivate the Blood Moon Great Array! They are all ninth stage realm peak practitioners, so their blood essence must be extremely powerful! This time, we will be able to succeed!”

“F*ck, theres actually someone this shameless under this heavens!” Hearing that, Liu Buyan couldnt help but spew profanities!

No one could believe that Lord Zhan was still harboring hopes to ascend to God Realm at this juncture!

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