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Chapter 2679: The Real Strong Practitioner (1)

Even the exterior of Snow Phoenix Palace was shaking because of the impact of those shattered ice.

The sound of the impact was deafening, which seemed as though this ancient clans palace would collapse at any moment!

Bai Liufeng and the others outside the Blood Moon Great Array were alarmed when they heard the commotion.

But Lord Zhan, who was inside the Great Array, wasnt alarmed at all.

He smiled faintly and raised his right hand.

“Following this will be the final step…”

A crystal stone around the size of a fist appeared in his palm.

This piece of crystal stone had an uneven exterior and was greyish.

It looked no different from the ordinary stones which were picked from the roadside.

But when Huang Siluo saw this stone, she cried out in alarm, “Sky Phoenix Rings shattered fragment! Thats… a fragment of the Sky Phoenix Ring!”

“What A fragment of the Sky Phoenix Ring You… are you sure you didnt see wrongly”

“How can this possibly be a fragment of the Sky Phoenix Ring”

“This… it looks a little too… too ordinary!”

Everyone looked at Lord Zhan and their hearts were astonished.

To be frank, a dozen pieces of this piece of stone could be found on the streets.

How could it be a shattered piece of the legendary god relic Even though no one had seen the genuine god relics shattered piece, but a powerful eighth or ninth tier Profound Armament had an outstanding exterior! But when the Sacred Phoenix Races blood was spilled on top, these shattered pieces will regain the former dazzling look from several thousands of years ago!”

Huang Siluo was still in the middle of explaining when Lord Zhan took out a dagger and cut a slit on his palm!

Blood started to pour out from his palm.

Lord Zhan clenched his fingers and held the fragment of the Sky Phoenix Ring in his hand, allowing the blood to soak the entire piece of stone.

Immediately following that, a ray of light shot out from his fingers and he pointed at the blood moon in the sky!

Lord Zhan used one hand to refine the shattered piece while the other hand pointed downwards with an everchanging hand gesture, controlling the Blood Moon Great Array.

“For Sacred Phoenix Races to resume the former glory from thousands of years ago, using this clans strongest god relic as a guide, using the purest bloodline as sacrifice—”

“Blood Moon—Ascends—”

Lord Zhans tattooed face was filled with blood and under the blood colored rays of the blood moon, he looked like an evil spirit.

It was now at the last moment.

As long as the Sacrificial Ceremony could succeed, he would be able to ascend to God Realm.

He would get his return of investment for the past forty years!

Lord Zhan did not dare to have any reservations and used up all his strength He exhausted all his energy and controlled the operation of the Blood Moon Great Array.

In the short span of a few minutes, he had completely drained Huang Yuelis blood essence and spiritual root.

He used all of her blood essence and fused it into the fragment of the Sky Phoenix Ring!

“Power of blood essence—! Retract—!”

Lord Zhan had a grasping gesture, assuming that he would be able to draw a large amount of blood essence energy.

Whoever knew that he grasped a wisp of air instead!

The Blood Moon Great Arrays energy suddenly seemed as though it was frozen and it quietened down, not listening to his command.

“Whats going on Could it be that my hand gesture wasnt correct”

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