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Chapter 2657: Still not back (3)

Cang Po Jun had not finished talking when Huang Siluo, whose eyes were shut, suddenly spoke loudly and widened her eyes.

“No way! We cant leave!”

“Siluo, youre awake” Bai Liufeng hurriedly lowered his head and looked at her.

Huang Siluo had lost a lot of blood essence and her consciousness had been murky.

Along the way when Bai Liufeng carried her, she was half sober and half unconscious.

But Huang Siluo did not feel any joy at all.

She said anxiously, “We cant leave.

We must… must save them immediately! I know my Brothers character.

Lass Li had spoiled his highly valued ceremony.

So he will absolutely… absolutely not let her and Moying off!”

Hearing that, everyone grew anxious.

“I also feel that we cant leave this place! Junior Sister and Li Moying have not come out after such a long time.

They must be in trouble!”

“But Sovereigns command is for us to escort Marquis Bai and Madam Bai to leave this place first! Are we going to defy his command If Marquis Bai and Madam Bai stayed in Snow Phoenix Palace and met with danger later on, how will we explain to Sovereign”

“This… makes sense as well…”

The group had a discussion and came into a stalemate.

At this moment, Bai Liufeng had taken the pills that Liu Buyan gave.

He had already absorbed a large half of the medicinal effect.

Although his internal injury was not totally healed, but based on his strong determination, he immediately stood up.

“Everyone stop! Lass Li is my daughter, how can I escape on my own We must go and save them now! You dont need to worry If that stinky brat dares to punish you, just come and look for me! Lets see if he dares to go against me!”

Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Yu exchanged glances and cupped their fists at him.

“Yes, Marquis Bai!”

They werent willing to leave Snow Phoenix Palace anyway.

But they just didnt dare to defy Li Moyings command.

Now with Bai Liufeng standing up for them, it was easy to make a decision.

Li Moying wouldnt dare to go against his father-in-law!

Even Huang Siluo also pushed Bai Liufeng aside.

She stood up and said, “I want to save them too! I know the situation in Snow Phoenix Palace better than any of you!”

“But your condition…” aBa Liufeng frowned.

“Im fine now.

The Blood Moon Great Arrays power had weakened and I feel much more comfortable now.” Saying that, Huang Siluo glowered at Bai Liufeng and said, “Dont even think of stopping me from saving my Lass Li!”

She had already made her decision and refused to listen to Bai Liufeng.

Who else could dissuade her

No one was able to stop a mother from saving her long-lost daughter.

Huang Siluo didnt wait for the others to reply and immediately led the way.

“Everyone follow me.

Lets take this route.

It should bring us to Snow Phoenix Palaces center directly.”

The group set off and was just about to follow her.

Just at this moment, the entire Snow Phoenix Palace started to shake again!

Moreover, the tremor this time was much stronger than the previous.

It lasted much longer.

Those ninth stage realm peak practitioners present couldnt stand still.

All of them started to stumble and expended a great deal of effort before they could steady their footsteps.

“This… whats going on again”

“Why did it suddenly start shaking again”

Everyone looked at one another in dismay.

Huang Yuelis originally pale face drained further into a horrifying white color!

“Blood Moon Great Array—! The Blood Moon Great Array has been activated again!”

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