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Chapter 2630: Blood Moon Ascends (9)

Under his control, the Blood Moon also started to rise steadily!

Lord Zhan was aware that it was a success and his taut facial muscles started to relax.

He had just heaved a sigh of relief after the Blood Moon had risen several thousand meters.

As it got closer to the space barrier, Lord Zhan suddenly sensed the Blood Moons ascension speed starting to slow down again.

Very quickly, he realized that this wasnt just an illusion.

After the Blood Moon speedily rose for a while, it seemed as though there wasnt enough energy to support it so the speed started to decrease once again.

Lord Zhan looked coldly at his suffering clansmen below the stage.

They were after all from the same clan and Lord Zhan had shown them mercy.

Although he sucked their blood essence, he allowed them to continue living!

Now, those clansmen whose cultivations were slightly lower had all lost consciousness as they fell all over the ground.

Although these people were not dead, after their blood essence was sucked dry without any consideration, all of them were seriously injured.

So even if they did not die in this place today, they would probably end up crippled.

Those who could barely sit on the ground were Sacred Phoenix Race practitioners who had outstanding innate talents.

Although they were seriously injured, there was still a possibility to recover.

However, if Lord Zhan continued to suck their blood essence as a form of energy, their results would be the same as those ordinary practitioners!

Lord Zhan struck a hand gesture and stopped sucking their energies.

At the same time, he started to frown.

If sucking these people dry would result in insufficient energy to send the Blood Moon to the end of the sky, he would not hesitate to do so!

But the problem now was based on his calculation, even if he were to suck their energies dry, he would still be unable to complete the Sacrificial Ceremony…

But he was just a little short, just a little bit more…

Lord Zhans expression slowly turned sinister as the raging emotions in his heart kept accumulating.

Soon, he was on the verge of a rampage.

“No, its impossible! I cant possibly fail! How can I possibly fail! A genius like This Seats should stand in God Realms lands, to become the whole Sacred Phoenix Races pride, the target of adoration among all the god clans! This is This Seats predestined fate! How can I possibly be trapped in this goddamn place like Soaring Heavens Continent!”

“This Seat must go to God Realm! This Seat will be able to do it! I will absolutely not fail! The predictions that happened several decades ago proved this point! Everything is Sacred Phoenix Races destiny! What on earth… what on earth had gone wrong”

He gnashed his teeth angrily, suddenly frowning and suddenly guffawing.

He seemed to be deranged and was on the verge of losing his rationality.

Suddenly, Lord Zhan seemed to have thought of something as his eyes lit up.

“Right, theres still… theres still This Seats beloved Sister, Sacred Phoenix Palaces Holy Maiden with the purest bloodline! Although she had been tainted by a lowly human race, her blood essence is still the strongest…”

“This Seat originally intended to use her blood in the last moments, but it seems that… we cannot afford to wait until then!”

Lord Zhan had no choice and his only way was to bring forward the time to kill Huang Siluo.

The most important issue was to resolve this crisis first.

Huang Zhanxiao was hard-hearted so there was nothing that he could not bear to do.

Right now, he injected his Profound Energy into the other Nine-piece Insight Lock that he was wearing.

He hoped to use this half-god relics energy to pull Huang Siluo on the other end of the lock, to him!

However, just at this instance, Lord Zhans expression changed abruptly!

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