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Chapter 2595: Split Soul! (3)

“At the beginning, I was slightly terrified because this feeling was simply too unfamiliar! Other than the continuous flow of the Profound Energy in my meridians, I lost all other senses.

Everything in the surrounding seemed to have disappeared.

I couldnt hear, couldnt see, couldnt smell, and couldnt feel anything…”

“I dont know how long this condition went on for.

Suddenly, a spark of light appeared in front of my eyes and I faintly heard Moyings voice.

I felt a sense of joy, assuming that I had already recovered my senses and returned to the actual world.

I was just about to talk to Moying… when I heard something then….

I heard Senior Brothers voice!”

Huang Yueli lifted her head suddenly and looked at Liu Buyan with a befuddled and anxious look in her eyes.

Liu Buyans heart jumped.

He seemed to have sensed something so he held his breath and asked softly, “Me Why would you suddenly think of me … What did I say”

Huang Yueli continued, “I heard you say,Mu Chengying, youve gone mad! Youve really gone mad! Dead people cant come back to life and no matter how terrible you feel, how much pain you are in, you must accept this! This is the laws of heaven and earth so no one can escape from life and death!\'”

Liu Buyans expression changed abruptly as he quivered.

The cup in his hand dropped on the floor and broke into smithereens.

But he seemed as though he didnt detect anything as he gazed blankly at Huang Yueli.

Huang Yuelis voice was empty and calm.

Yet it seemed to carry tremendous pressure as it rang slowly beside his ear.

“Later on, Chengying said,You dont need to care about this! Since the ancient manual had recorded this, then someone must have succeeded previously! As long as there is a sliver of hope, I have to give it a try!\'”

“You were very angry then and tried to persuade him,Do you know what you are doing That isnt some ordinary secret skill but the art of split soul! Once it is executed, there is no path of return for you.

You will be turned into ashes by the heavenly thunder and if the execution method fails, you will experience the same thing as Yueli.

Your soul and spirit will be scattered and dispersed, and you will never be able to reincarnate! Moreover, there isnt a single ancient record that states a successful example of the art of split soul! You will definitely end up in a more miserable state than death!\'”

“Mu Chengying said,No matter.

Even if I fail, my soul and spirit will just be scattered and dispersed.

I also want to know what kind of pain Lier experienced when she died… to be able to accompany her having my soul dispersed in the same Heavens and Earth, its considered as a good thing too.\'”

“Although I couldnt move back then, just hearing your conversation already made me terrified.

My brain practically stopped and I couldnt understand what you two meant by that.

But instinct told me that what Moying was about to do was very dangerous.

I wanted to jump up and stop him from doing such a silly thing, but I wasnt able to move at all…”

Huang Yueli stopped when she reached this point.

Her lips were quivering and she tried to squeeze a smile but she wasnt able to do so at all.

Even her eyes were brimming with tears.

“Junior… Junior Sister….” Liu Buyan hurriedly got up and walked to her side as he wanted to explain.

But Huang Yueli lifted her palm and stopped him.

“Senior Brother, let me finish my story first.”

She secretly wiped away a few tears and pacified her emotions before continuing, “At this moment, my eyes suddenly appeared some light and I seemed to have turned into Mu Chengying.

Through his eyes, I saw Levitation Sword Palace in the dark night.”

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