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Chapter 2594: Split Soul! (2)

Huang Yuelis figure appeared outside his door and her face appeared rather pale.

This made Liu Buyan anxious, “Junior Sister”

It was late in the night and she usually would never come to look for him at this kind of timing.

They were alone in a room together and that usually made other people think of it as misappropriate behavior.

Moreover, Huang Yueli had a super jealous husband so in order to avoid unnecessary squabbles, she had always been very mindful of such matters.

So, Liu Buyans first reaction was that something must have happened!

However, Huang Yueli merely lifted her eyes to take a glance at him and she spoke out softly, “Senior Brother, theres something that I want to ask you.”

Liu Buyan jolted, “Something to ask me Whats that”

Huang Yueli lowered her voice and said, “Its a long story.

Lets go in and talk.”

“Alright Junior Sister, come on in…” Liu Buyan subconsciously turned sideways to let Huang Yueli into his room.

At the same time, his heart started to pound wildly.

Many years ago, if Huang Yueli were to walk into his room, it would absolutely make him so excited that he would faint.

But now, although his feelings for her had faded by quite a bit, he was still unable to reject any of Huang Yuelis requests.

Huang Yueli didnt notice his mood and directly sat on a chair in the corner.

She put her elbows on the armrest and propped her little chin up.

Her face was filled with an indecisive expression.

When Liu Buyan saw her acting like this, he was filled with puzzlement as he guessed her intention while taking a pot of tea over.

“Junior Sister, have some tea.” He placed the cup into Huang Yuelis hands.

She took the cup and murmured thanks.

Her long lashes fluttered and her gaze stopped at the teacup in her hand.

She didnt say a word, seemingly pondering over something.

Liu Buyan didnt interrupt her as he sat opposite her, quietly waiting for her to respond.

Huang Yueli thought for a while before she made a decision and said, “Senior Brother, I… I came over to look for you because… I really cant find anyone else who can help me! I think you are the only one who can help me think of an idea for this matter…”

Liu Buyan looked at her in surprise, “Something that only I can help you with How about Li Moying Why didnt you ask him for help”

Huang Yueli replied, “Because this matter is related to him!”

Liu Buyan was stunned but he slammed the table immediately after that.

“Whats up with him Has he done something to let you down Junior Sister, dont worry.

Senior Brother will help you deal with him!”

Saying that he was about to stand up.

Huang Yueli hurriedly stopped him, “Wait Senior Brother, dont be so agitated! Things are not like what you thought.

Its… its….”

She frowned and took a deep breath as she burst out, “Its like this.

Ten days ago when I was advancing in the cave, back then I sensed the influence of Sacred Phoenix Races bloodline in my body.

My dantian and sea of qi seemed to have formed into a huge vortex that was rapidly absorbing the outer worlds Profound Qi.

Moreover, after these Profound Qi entered my meridians, it began to swiftly flow around, charging to my crown…”

Huang Yueli slowly told her story and the puzzled look on Liu Buyans face grew deeper.

Back then when she was going into advancement, everyone saw the grand occasion when she was rapidly absorbing the Heaven and Earth Profound Qi.

All of them were deeply shocked.

However, many days had passed so why did she mention this now

Huang Yueli continued on with her story, “My brain had been impacted with such a huge amount of energy and for an instance, I seem to have gone onto a void world of nothingness.”

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