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Chapter 2581: Last chance (3)

He no longer could trust anyone to keep guard on Huang Siluo, but instead brought her along by his side every single day.

So although Bai Liufeng relied on the mechanism distribution map to successfully infiltrate the underground level and found the place where Huang Siluo was confined, but he and Huang Siluo had not even managed to say a word, and he was discovered by Lord Zhan.

After that, a fierce battle ensued.

If it wasnt for Huang Yueli and Li Moyings timely arrival, he might already have turned into one of the dried corpses in the Blood Moon Great Array.

Seeing Bai Liufengs hemming and hawing, Huang Yuelis anger arose out of nowhere.

“Father, how can you do this! I know that you didnt tell me because youre afraid of me getting worried.

But have you ever considered how strong Sacred Phoenix Race is Just based on you alone, even if you have exceedingly high ability, so what about it With us helping you, the chances of saving Mother would increase drastically!”

Bai Liufeng was berated by his dainty little girl and his face turned black as he lost his face.

“Lass Li, how can you blame Father Father is doing this for your good! From young, Father had never really taken care of you, hence causing you to be bullied for so many years.

Father had already done you wrong for that! Now, youve finally managed to cultivate to your current level, and even found a husband whom you love dearly.

How can Father ask you to risk your life for your mother Moreover speaking, your mother wouldnt be willing to let you risk your life for her.

She would definitely prefer you to lead a happy life!”

Initially, Bai Liufeng was still feeling a little guilty.

But when he spoke to the end, he started to feel that he was in the right and became self-confident.

He and Huang Siluo only had that one precious daughter.

He wasnt able to see her grow up when she was young and it was already something that he regretted deeply.

Now, he was able to witness her in a traditional Chinese wedding dress, getting married to the man of her dreams, it gave Bai Liufeng some comfort.

He really didnt wish for Huang Yuelis lifestyle to be affected by an irresponsible father like him.

Thinking of this, Bai Liufeng decided to bring out a fathers pride.

He gave a loud cough, “Anyway, you cannot get involved in this matter! Youve already found out about the truth and Father has already given you an explanation.

So hurry on and head back to Sky Emperor City!”

He rarely showed a face to Huang Yueli, and he felt that he was fierce enough.

But Huang Yueli was someone who had been through great storms.

So how could she possibly be frightened by his pretense of harshness

She ignored what Bai Liufeng said and turned around to talk to Liu Buyan, “Senior Brother, it looks like we need to come out with a proper plan to save my Mother.

May I trouble you to go get Guardian Jun and Guardian Yu over, so that we can discuss this together”

Liu Buyan nodded his head and turned around to leave.

Bai Liufeng was exasperated when he heard what she said and shouted, “Divine Doctor Liu, come back here! This is my matter, I dont need you guys to be busybodies!”

However, Liu Buyans footsteps took a short pause as he said, “Apologies Marquis Bai, I only take instructions from my Junior Sister.”

Bai Liufeng immediately turned his gaze back onto Huang Yueli, “Lass Li, you dont listen to your Fathers words any longer Father said that you dont need to get involved in this matter.

Cant you be obedient and listen to me”

Huang Yueli blinked her big eyes and nudged a little towards Li Moying and hugged his arm.

“Im sorry, Father, but Im already married! I will listen to my Father when Im still single, but after marriage, I will listen to my husband.”

Bai Liufeng almost fainted from anger as he shot an angry look at Li Moying, “Stinky brat, what do you say”

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