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Chapter 2557: Left without saying goodbye (8)

“No way, I have to save him immediately!” Huang Yueli turned around and was just about to leave.

Liu Buyan blocked her way when he saw what she wanted to do, “Junior Sister, dont be so anxious first! We havent verified Marquis Bais location yet! He has been in the freezing zone for so many years, so he should have more than one place to stay in, and might not necessarily be in Snow Phoenix Palace.”

Cang Po Jun also joined in the persuasion, “Thats right.

Grandmaster Huang, its still best for us to find Marquis Bai first, if its possible, then enter the palace with him!”

Everyone were trying to persuade Huang Yueli, deeply worried that she would take the risks.

However, Huang Yuelis attitude was rather firm.

“I understand my father.

His character is just like mine and once we have set out mind on something, we will do it regardless of the consequences.

Moreover, hes someone who is values ties very much! If my mother is really in danger, he would definitely not want to wait any longer! Hes already in the Northern Ice Fields, so how could it be possible that he doesnt enter Snow Phoenix Palace”

“But even if Marquis Bai has already gone in, we cant just follow him in straight! Before Marquis Bai left, he stole away the array and mechanism distribution map that we can out with together, and theres only that one copy! That distribution map is extremely complicated and without the original copy, I can only remember a portion of it.

If we just enter like this, it will be extremely dangerous!” Cang Po Yu also had non-approving look on his face.

Huang Yueli turned and looked at him, “Guardian Yu, theres no need to worry about this.

Ive also taken a look at that final array and mechanism distribution map so Ive got it totally memorised.

Later all of you just need to follow me and that will do!”

Cang Po Yu couldnt helped but be stunned, “Wh… What Youve memorised it all How is that possible Thats a few hundred mechanisms on that map, and thousands of arrays! Many of it have never appeared in Soaring Heavens Continent before! You… youve memorised it all Moreover, a majority of your time is spent with Sovereign, so youve only seen that distribution map once!”

Huang Yueli shrugged when she heard that and replied indifferently, “My memory is indeed not too bad… Guardian Yu, just relax.

I will definitely tell you all if I am not confident.

Its alright if I, myself die, but I cant be so irresponsible to bring all of you to die with me right”

Cang Po Yu naturally understood this reasoning.

Moreover, Huang Yueli wasnt an ordinary person and she had always been a meticulous and prudent person.

There was a ninety nine percent chance that the things she said were all the truth.

But, this really made one surprised.

A distribution map that was as thick as a brick….

Was there really someone who could memorise it after reading it once

Li Moying, on the contrary, was rather peaceful.

No one knew better than him, about how genius she was!

He immediately said, “Since Lier has already said that, then well do according to what you say! Lets stop wasting time and set off immediately!”

When Huang Yueli heard what he said, she turned around and gave him a grateful glance.

This man was always like this.

He had never her, nor did he had any hesitation and would always stood on her side firmly.

No matter what she wanted to do, there was never an exception…..

Li Moying grabbed her little hand and quickly walked up, while instructing her softly, “Your cultivation is the weakest among us all.

After we go in, if theres any danger, you must hide behind me.

Do you understand”

Huang Yuelis lips curled upwards as she gave a soft “en” in reply.

Naturally, she wasnt so frail but her own husbands kind intentions was so gentle and considerate, so she couldnt bear to disappoint him.

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