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Chapter 2538: Its an illness, must treat! (7)

“Ugh, so painful! You really wish to murder your own husband”

“You still dare to sprout rubbish!” Huang Yueli stared at him angrily, “Quickly get up!”

Li Moyings lips carried a hint of indulgent smile as he obediently stood up and cupped his fist in his hand towards Dai Boqi.

“Divine Doctor Dai, well make a move first then!”

When the both of them walked hand in hand together towards the door door, Liu Buyan called out after them once again.

“Junior Sister! You…..”

He called out and suddenly stopped.

Huang Yueli and Li Moying both stopped and turned around.

Li Moyings face was a little gloomy as he casted a cold glance at Liu Buyan but the latters expression was undisturbed.

In front of this powerful Number One Top Expert, he totally had no fear at all.

Huang Yueli was slightly surprised, “Senior Brother, what other matters do you have”

Liu Buyan shot a provocative look back at Li Moying and the latter seemed as though he was about to spew fire when he slowly said, “Junior Sister, you know that I cant bear for you to get married but since youve already made a choice, then I can only wish the both of you happiness….

In future no matter if he bullies you, or youve met with some unsolvable difficulty, you can come look for Senior Brother.

I will wait for you forever…..”

“I thank you on behalf of my wife!” Li Moying hissed this sentence from the slit of his teeth, as he forcefully interrupted Liu Buyans sentence.

“But my Lier would never be bullied by anyone so if she has any difficulties, her husband I will be there to help her so we dont need you to be the busybody!”

Saying that, he pulled Huang Yueli with a steely green face as he swiftly tugged her to leave.

“Sigh, wait, I havent finished talking to my Senior Brother yet…..” Huang Yueli put on a helpless expression.

Alas, the jealous man was the biggest and she could only be dragged away obediently by him.

Just like this, Huang Yueli and Li Moying had officially become a pair of newly wedded husband and wife.

This pair of young couple with outstanding innate talents, in the eyes of everyone in Sky Emperor City, they were the most compatible pair.

Blue Profound Sects disciples all took them as their idols and every single time they saw the both of them walking past them, they would prostrate themselves in worship.

But only they themselves knew that the both of them had already been together for several days but they had not consummate yet.

Huang Yueli already found it extremely strange during their wedding night and had once been worried about Li Moyings body but Dai Boqis consultation results reflected that Li Moying was very healthy.

“Looks like it should be me whos thinking too much! Yesterday, Moying was really too tired!”

After Huang Yueli got the conclusion, she started to ease her anxiety and led a sweet day with Li Moying for the entire day.

When it was night time, she took an early shower and laid on the bed.

But out of her expectations, the man who was still sticking to her before her shower, and refusing to separate with her had actually mysteriously disappeared once again

Huang Yueli thought that Li Moying had also gone to take a shower, hence she laid on the bed and waited for quite a while.

However, she waited until she almost fell asleep and Li Moying had not appeared at all.

When she thought about the matter last night, a bad premonition surfaced in her heart and she instantly sat up, dressed and got off the bed as she left the bedroom to catch him!

Whoever knew that she went an entire big round in Levitation Sword Palace but was totally unable to find Li Moying at all!

Just as she was so furious that she was about to murder someone, she then found out Li Moyings whereabouts from Luo Jiyun.

“Ah Lil Sister-in-law, you want to find Eldest Senior Brother Earlier I saw Eldest Senior Brother leaving Levitation Sword Palace, you dont know about this”

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