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Chapter 249 – Ai Jia has something to say

Bai Liufeng’s past friendship with the Emperor was still remembered.

He did not wish for others to say that he was someone to burn past bridges after crossing.

So even with the many years of disappearance, the Emperor continued to abide by his promise of engaging his daughter to the Crown Prince.

Even after so many years of the Imperial Empress’s constant ear blowing in regards to Bai Ruoli’s appealing reputation, the Emperor refused to show the slightest hint of wavering.

He never could make the final decision.

Furthermore, when he saw that Bai Liufeng’s daughter grew to be quite attractive, graceful and elegance, and so skilled in the qin.

Apart from her inability to cultivate, she did not have any shortcomings causing the Emperor to be unable to say any words of refusal.

But, Bai Ruoqi was far too outstanding!

At age fifteen, she had reached the ninth level of the Qi Profound Realm!

(Z: hah, genius.)

If she were to grow without a hitch, then there would be a high possibility of her becoming a fourth realm expert!

These kind of experts, were very sparse in South Yue.

If he did not solidify a relationship through marriage now between the Crown Prince and Bai Ruoqi, then it would be very hard for them to establish one in the future.

As the reigning monarch, he must make decisions for the good of his country……..

Sinking into a dilemma, there were several instance where the words were at the tip of his mouth but he still hesitated in the end.

Even the Empress Dowager was wavering.

Although she was up in her years, that case that happened earlier in the morning in the Peach Blossom Orchard, she still remembered it clearly!

Bai Ruoqi’s strength was immense, the Empress Dowager was well aware of this fact.

If they allowed her to become the Crown Prince’s Imperial Concubine, it would be most appropriate choice.

But, she still felt unsettled and indignant about this choice.

Bai Ruoqi this girl, possessed a malicious heart, not even sparing her own cousin.

Even falling to such rotten tricks.

Girls who use such questionable methods, if allowed to enter the Royal Palace, who knows how chaotic things will become!

Furthermore with such character, how could she take the role as the country’s mother Role model to the girls under the sky

Thinking over this repeatedly, the Empress Dowager felt stifled inside and huffed out: “Emperor, deciding the Crown Prince’s Imperial Concubine just like this, isn’t this too rash”

“This…..what intentions does Royal Mother mean”

Sweeping a look over Bai Ruoqi, the Empress Dowager said: “Ai jia has some words she wishes to say to the Emperor.

Selecting the Crown Prince’s concubine, must first be discussed before announcing the final verdict!”

“But, Royal Mother, the Bai’s Family’s Second Young Miss has such outstanding talent.

And has always held a reputation of a virtuous and kind lady.

Such, she is the most suitable candidate.

Is there a need to consider it…….”

Hearing those words, the Imperial Empress turned anxious.

By the Empress Dowager’s words, she was opposed to Bai Ruoqi’s marriage with the Crown Prince

How would this do

Bai Ruoqi is born with fame.

Along with her own immense cultivation, even if she did not wed the Crown Prince, the Emperor will use all methods for her to marry another Prince.

While the Imperial Empress only had the Crown Prince as her own blood child.

If Bai Ruoqi were to wed another to give him such a strong backing, wouldn’t her own son’s position become precarious

As a result, the Imperial Empress came out to intervene and finalise this marriage.

But the Emperor himself was still wavering.

After much hesitation, he still declared: “Royal Mother, what do you wish to say”

The Empress Dowager responded: “There are too many eyes and mouths here, how about we first leave and discuss this in another palace.

Then we return.”

The Emperor nodded in response: “It is still Royal Mother who considers everything.”

Right after the Empress Dowager and Emperor left, the Imperial Tutor followed suite.

As the Imperial Empress intended to follow as well, she heard the calling of the Crown Prince: “Royal Mother……..”

Receiving the hopeful calling of her son, the Imperial Empress nodded her head slightly: “Relax, with your Royal Mother here, I will definitely allow you to wed Bai Ruoqi!”


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