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Chapter 2420: The past from over a decade ago (1)

“So she went over to father-in-laws side…..” Li Moying looked at Bai Liufengs courtyard pensively.

Not too long later, Li Moying appeared at the entrance of the courtyard and called out brightly, “Marquis Bai, Junior Li Moying is here to visit you.

Some days ago it was all thanks to you for helping to treat this junior, so Ive came especially to thank you!”

As the Number One Sacred Lands Sovereign in the Continent, it had been many years since he acted so humbly.

But Liers father was indeed someone whom he couldnt afford to offend hence he could only lower his stance a little.

He had originally come, expecting to be put into a difficult position by Bai Liufeng.

However, out of his expectation, Bai Liufengs voice swiftly echoed outwards, “Young Sect Master Li, please enter.”

Li Moying walked inside and the first thing he did was to look around, wanting to see what Huang Yueli was doing.

But the main hall was empty with only Bai Liufeng seated on the main hosts seat, and there wasnt anyone else there.

Li Moying hadnt even spoken yet when Bai Liufeng opened his mouth first, “Young Sect Master Li, what are you looking for”

Li Moying then recalled that he had forgotten his manners and hurriedly cupped his fist into the other hand as he said, “Greetings to Marquis Bai, I heard that Lier was right here so I came specially to look for her.

I wonder where she is right now”

Bai Liufeng didnt replied his question, but rose his brows as he spoke out immodestly, “Young Sect Master Li, I seemed to have said this yesterday that the marriage arrangement between the both of you cannot be counted and now that you came, the first thing you asked is where my daughter is.

Isnt that a little too disrespectful!”

Li Moying frowned slightly as he turned silent.

Bai Liufeng thought that he was choked until he couldnt say a single word and was silently feeling delighted.

But he heard Li Moying continuing, “Father-in-law, what you said makes no logic! If youre worried that I cannot take good care of Lier, you can raise a request or test me, this isnt a problem at all.

But if you just cancelled our marriage arrangement for no rhyme or reason… then I want to ask, for the past ten over years, you had never been concerned about Lier and when she was being bullied by her uncle and cousin in South Yue Kingdom, when she was being humiliated by the Crown Prince, where were you Now that she has finally relied on herself to become powerful, and she also has a partner who is also in love with her, you suddenly appear and just want her to do as you wish”

Bai Liufengs complexion turned greener and greener when he said these words.

Towards this daughter whom he had not met for ten over years, Bai Liufeng naturally felt guilty towards her.

Otherwise he would not exhaust all his means to help her, and even passed the god grade cultivation methods and various treasures that he had obtained, inheriting it entirely over to her.

But even Lass Li didnt voice out to berate him, yet this stinky brat who was trying to snatch her away dared to say such words!

Shouldnt this stinky brat be most afraid of offending him

However, this wasnt finished yet.

After Li Moying finished his crime, he even came out with a conclusion, “So although youre Liers elder, but forgive me for saying this, you totally have no right to dabble in who she will get married to!”

“YOU—!” Bai Liufeng pounded his fist onto the table out of fury and stood up, as the finger which he pointed at Li Moying shook.

“You brat, you really have great guts! I have no rights I am Liers biological father! Why dont I have any rights You dare to speak to me in this way, arent you afraid that I will punch you so badly that you are not able to take care of your own life You have just awoken, surely you wouldnt want to continue being bedridden after such a short period of time right”

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