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Chapter 2400: Li Moying regains consciousness (10)

Bai Liufeng put on a straight face and said, “A marriage match is arranged by the parents order and on the matchmakers word.

Father still hadnt nodded his head, how can you decide on your own marriage Anyway, this matter will be decided by father!”

Saying that, without even waiting for Huang Yuelis reply, he flicked his sleeves, “Alright, have a good rest.

If theres anything you want to say, wait for this lad to regain consciousness first and let him say it personally!”

Bai Liu Feng turned around and left, leaving Huang Yueli looking at his departing figure speechlessly.

After a while, she turned back again to look at the man lying on the bed.

Li Moyings breathing had stabilised and that pale and wan handsome face a few days ago had gained some colour.

Huang Yueli wiped his body and changed his inner clothing and a refreshed Li Moying looked as though he was sleeping.

That perfectly sculpted face had a quiet and tranquil look, as compared to the usual overbearing look, it was simply a totally different person.

Huang Yuelis mood instantly perked up, “Moying, you must wake up sooner! I believe that you will definitely make my father see you in a new light, am I right”

She was confident of Li Moyings ability and even if Bai Liufeng was so powerful, she didnt feel that Li Moying would be disadvantaged.

So, even if Bai Liufeng had not agreed to their marriage and Huang Yueli made it sound so pitiful, but she wasnt really worried on the inside.

After Li Moying regains his consciousness and exhibits his ability, he would definitely be able to make Bai Liufeng extremely surprised!

The truth had proved itself that when Li Moying had indeed awoken, he indeed made Bai Liufeng have a rude shock.

But, it wasnt because of his potential…

Ever since Li Moying had taken the Purified Pill, he had been lying quietly in the room and his breathing was stable, as though he was sleeping.

Liu Buyan rested for three whole days and on the fourth day onwards, he went over to Li Moyings room daily to take his pulse.

Initially, Huang Yueli was still calm and because Liu Buyans diagnosis was always “everything is normal” but as time went by, twenty over days had passed and Li Moying still hadnt regained consciousness and that was when Huang Yueli started to become anxious.

“Senior Brother, Moying in this state… is he really alright Why is it that it had been so long and yet he still hadnt woken up” On one occasion after Liu Buyan finished the consultation, Huang Yueli asked anxiously.

Liu Buyan sighed, “Junior Sister, youve already asked a few hundred times! Ive told you long ago, that the primordial spirits restoration will take a long time, and it might possibly take as long as one month! Moreover, the greater the damage of the primordial spirit, the longer the restoration time will take! Li Moyings primordial spirit in his past life is extremely strong and thats something that you know as well, so this matter… we cant be anxious over it! Dont worry, he will absolutely be alright.”

Huang Yueli pouted her lips, “But till today, hes already been unconscious for an entire month! Its already been over one month, does that mean that theres an accident”

The more she thought, the more anxious she was as she bit her lips, showing a pitiful look.

Liu Buyan saw her expression and almost burst out laughing and at the same time, he felt a little emotional.

Huang Yueli was someone who would not frown even if the sky fell down and usually she was extremely bold but now, Li Moying obviously was fine yet he was able to scare her into this state.

This only meant that she had delved in too deeply, and had lost the judgement that she should have.

Liu Buyan patted her shoulder and said, “Junior Sister, you must trust Senior Brothers words and dont worry.

Perhaps, Li Moying will suddenly regain consciousness in the next few night, and by then, dont faint from joy!”

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