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Chapter 2313: Worked hard to put up a good show (5)


Before Li Moying had even spoken, Liu Buyan couldnt endure it any further as he burst out.

His gaze was filled with suspicions as he looked closely at Meng Waner, “Young Miss Meng, how did you suddenly recognise the roads in the underground palace Earlier when we were in the storage room, didnt you say that you dont know anything yourself, and youre not sure how to leave this place Just how long has passed and you suddenly recognise the road already”

Not only him, Cang Po Jun also frowned as he spoke out, “Thats right, whats going on Isnt your change a little too swift”

Meng Waners smile froze but quickly resumed back to normal as she smiled and said, “Earlier when we were in the storage room, I hadnt reacted over but later on when we came to this huge hall, I then discovered that this underground palace seemed to be recorded in one of Ice Serpent Valleys ancient records.

This is one of the bases of God Realms Sacred Phoenix Race and a large quantity of treasures are hidden in here.

Moreover, coincidentally, that ancient manual even recorded the entrance and exit paths for this underground palace.”

Liu Buyan still didnt quite believe her, “Really Since its a God Realms turf, such an important historical remains actually has an unofficial biography divulged to outsiders”

Actually Meng Waner didnt know what kind of clan was the Sacred Phoenix Race and she had merely heard the ghost masked man speak of this hence she just repeated what she heard.

Now on hearing Liu Buyans queries, she started to skimp on the details, “This..

how would I know Anyway we Ice Serpent Valley has this manual and it had already been around for many years so I also dont know where they got this from back then.

But we Ice Serpent Valleys inheritance had been around for tens of thousands of years and we might possibly have some dealings with this Sacred Phoenix Race in the ancient times”

She explained it in this way and wasnt totally unacceptable.

After all, the old stuff that had happened tens of thousands of years ago couldnt be explained clearly and there was no way to verify it as well so wasnt it just up to her to make it up

Liu Buyans suspicions were not lessened but he didnt know what else to say.

He turned around and took a look at Huang Yueli as he asked, “Junior Sister, how do you feel Should we let Young Miss Meng try and lead the way”

Whereas for Huang Yueli now, her mind had already wandered off somewhere.

On hearing Meng Waner mentioning the three words “Sacred Phoenix Race”, she and Li Moying both jolted as they secretly exchanged a glance.

Only the two of them knew that Huang Yuelis current lifes body was possibly flowing with Sacred Phoenix Races blood.

And that Huang Yueli had once entered Sacred Phoenix Races inheritance tower, passing through the assessment and obtained a large amount of phoenix blood as a reward.

But now, according to Meng Waners statement, the underground palace which they stepped foot into was Sacred Phoenix Races turf…

Huang Yuelis feelings were a little complicated.

In her past life she had also entered this underground palace but had never once thought that it would be so deeply related to her…

Just that she didnt know if what Meng Waner said was true or not

“Junior Sister, Junior Sister Whats the matter with you” Liu Buyan saw her not speaking as he called out to her a few more times.

Huang Yueli then regained her senses and said, “Senior Brother, Im fine.”

Liu Buyan frowned slightly, “Your complexion is simply too terrible, do you need to take a rest Dont be too worried, when the boat gets to the pier-head, it will go straight with the current and we will definitely be able to leave this place.”

Huang Yueli nodded her head, “En, Senior Brother, relax, I know.”

Meng Waner kept sniggering in silent by the side.

Had this wretched lass so scared that her senses were unclear Could it be that she had the premonition that she would die at this place

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