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Chapter 2282: Kneel and not get up anymore! (2)

“Young Miss Bai, you… you still refuse to forgive me right Youre our greatest saviour of Ice Serpent Valley and if you keep refusing to forgive me, I will feel guilty towards my tutelage! If..

if you refused to let me be your guide to atone for my mistakes, then I will… I will just kneel here and not get up!”

Meng Waner steeled her heart and clenched on her teeth as she cried out loudly!

Meng Hongye felt a little embarrassed when she saw this and hurriedly headed over to pull Meng Waner.

“Waner, get up, just how ugly is this Lets talk things through properly, Young Miss Bai and team doesnt want to bring you along, its al; on consideration of your safety!”

However, Meng Waner was still planning on scheming Huang Yueli in her heart and she had not even executed a ton of schemes so how would she possibly abide by her Masters words obediently

Her neck rose up and spoke out in an exceptionally firm tone, “Master, dont persuade me any further, if Young Miss Bai doesnt nod her head, I will really not get up!”

Meng Hongye couldnt help but frowned.

However it wasnt nice to go pull her away so she could only turn her head towards Huang Yueli, “Young Miss Bai, this…”

Huang Yueli didnt immediately reply as she used her hand and propped up her chin, looking to watch this wonderful farce, her eyes flashing past a smirk of deep thoughts.

Meng Waner saw Huang Yueli not talking and her heart hardened as she just simply moved forward while on her knees, thinking of holding on to the lower hem of Huang Yuelis clothing.

“Young Miss Bai, Im begging you, bring me… AH—!!”

Just at the moment when Meng Waners hand touched Huang Yueli, a huge power suddenly attacked her.

Meng Waner totally could not fight against it as she fell backwards entirely!

Luckily, Meng Hongye was just standing beside her and on seeing that things werent right, she immediately pounced over to save her, which allowed her to catch Meng Waner just before the latter fell onto the ground.

Even so, Meng Waner still felt the blood in her chest surging as it caused rise to pain.

But even before she was able to gasp for air, she heard an icy cold voice emitting from her front, “Who permitted you to use your dirty hand to touch Lier Do you not understand what she just said Then This Seat doesnt mind teaching you, how to understand human language!”

Li Moyings gaze shone as his eyes were filled with bitter coldness!

This Meng Waner was simply looking for death! She actually treated Huang Yueli so disrespectfully, and even resorted to such low-grade and vile methods to coerce Huang Yueli to abide by her thinking

This kind of person who harmed his Lier and tried to splash dirty water onto his Lier was the type of person whom Li Moying hated in his entire life.

On seeing that Meng Waner even daring to make a move by charging up, he simply could not restrain his own fury.

After he wore the Claret Crystal Bracelet, as long as he didnt use too many prohibited techniques which were damaging to the meridians, just taking action ordinarily wouldnt be too much of an impact.

But he didnt want to kill anyone in Ice Serpent Valley and he had to somewhat suppress his own power hence he only caused Meng Waner to fly away.

Meng Hongye hadnt imagined that things would turn out this way.

On one hand was her beloved disciple while on the other hand, she was Ice Serpent Valleys saviour so she was stuck in the middle as she was put in a difficult spot.

Out of no choice, she could only stand out to round up the situation, “Young Miss Bai, this matter… indeed is Waners fault.

Ill apologize on her behalf but can you bring her along to the freezing zone on account of her sincerity If you feel that her ability isnt enough and youre not assured, Ill send another commander from the guards to go along with you all.”

Huang Yueli had been keeping silent initially and at this moment when she heard what Meng Hongye said, she touched her chin while looking pensively as she opened her mouth, “No need, since Young Miss Meng is so sincere…”

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