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Chapter 226 – Everyone has an opportunity

“But I was taken to this position by a Palace Lady.

I did not choose it myself.”

“What” Bai Ruoqi exclaimed in surprise: “How is it possible”

At this moment, the lady in waiting interrupted: “Second Young Miss Bai, your seat is below Third Young Miss Bai.

Please hurry and take your seat as the banquet is about to begin.”

Bai Ruoqi could not believe her ears!

This waste actually climbed above her head Does the Emperor really intend to fulfil that year’s verbal agreement

No, I cannot be.

Even if the Emperor holds this intention, the Crown Prince would not accept a waste as his Imperial Concubine!

Thinking of this, Bai Ruoqi felt a little relieved.

Giving Huang Yueli a glare, she said: “There is a lot of pressure sitting in the first position.

Since this is the first time you have entered the Palace, please do not make a blunder third sister.

For it will lose face for our Wu Wei Manor!”

Huang Yueli smiled and said: “Second sister please rest assured.

No matter how shameful my future blunders will be, they will not be more shameful than your incident at the Peach Blossom Orchard! So the people here will definitely not notice!”

Choking back, Bai Ruoqi’s face suddenly turned beet red.

If this were a private setting, she would have long sent out a slap and send her flying.

She will let this trash know that trash is not qualified to speak such words!

Unfortunately there were many watchful eyes, she could not do this to her cousin.

Ignoring her pig liver expression, Huang Yueli went to personally pour her a cup of tea.

“Second sister, please drink some tea! Do not worry, I do not have the habit of drugging my drinks.

There is absolutely no problem!”

This damn girl really knew how anger a person to death! But doing so without a single obscene word!

Bai Ruoqi nearly stood up in a fit of anger!

But at this instant, the Palace of Peace and Tranquility filled with the echoing voices of the eunuchs.

“Inviting the various Royalties to enter the Palace——!”

“Respects to His Royal Highness the Crown Prince!”

“Respects to His Royal Highness Prince Yu!”

“Respects to……..”

In accordance of seniority, the various Princes entered the Palace.

The numerous aristocratic young ladies immediately stood up to pay their respects.

Almost everyone’s sight fell on the protagonist of today’s banquet——the powerful and noble Crown Prince’s body!

Dressed in a beige tunic, his clothes were decorated with four clawed dragons.

While the Crown Prince’s stood in a handsomely tall and straight posture.

The symbol of a Prince’s nobility and glory.

In contrast, the other Princes’ were all similarly adorned in all-black tunics and silver pythons patterning their robes.

Like the moon and stars, it served to highlight the Crown Prince from the rest.

Many girls held their breath.

And not blink of an eyelid, they watched the Crown Prince and subconsciously displayed their most attractive posture.

They hoped to catch the Crown Prince’s attention to make him notice them.

(Z: Notice me senpai or OPPA~!!! SARANGHAEYO! lol)

Previously, every lady assumed they would be unable to obtain the position of Imperial Concubine for themselves.

But how they to know, a scandal involving Bai Ruoqi bullying her cousin would suddenly ensue.

Not only was it severely criticised by the Empress Dowager, she might even be punished.

This rekindled hope in the others!

With Bai Ruoqi gone, then they…….maybe could replace her!

Closely following behind His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, was His Royal Highness Prince Yu.

As always, he was unparalleled and handsome.

Even amongst the other Princes wearing the same style of clothes, even if he deliberately held back his charisma and pretended to be withered, it held no effect.

This was not enough to cover up his unparalleled and limitless charms.

Even though the ladies adored the Crown Prince, many also attracted by his appearance.

Involuntarily, they stared at him.

(Z: I don’t know about you, but I am quite tired over his royal highness this or that and prince this and that.

I’ve written it so much that mistakes pretty much nonexistent and it has become a motor and subconscious action.



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