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Chapter 2258: No choice but to lower their heads (7)

Huang Yueli was stunned as she totally did not expect this man to actually say such a thing.

In an instance, the atmosphere between them became ambiguous.

Huang Yueli met with that pair of eyes which seemed mysterious and profound as her heart started to race uncontrollably…

Li Moying pinched her little chin as he leaned downwards and started to kiss her.

That kiss wasnt very deep, nor did it carry any colours of desire but was gentle and lingering which made Huang Yueli forget about everything in the surroundings as her heart and eyes were only filled with this man.

Li Moying kissed every single corner of her mouth before slightly moving back.

But the distance between the two of them was still no shorter than one inch.

Li Moying sized up the young lady in his arms as he looked satisfactorily at Huang Yueli with her large eyes, with an obedient and cute look.

Evidently she still hadnt recollected her senses from the earlier kiss.

He couldnt help but lower his head as he kissed her on the lips again while laughing out in a low chuckle, “Whats the matter Now that youve tasted the Osmanthus Cake and also tasted me, which one is more delicious”

This moment made Huang Yueli finally react as she pushed him away, “You, you….


“What about me” Li Moying lifted her brows, as he gave an indifferent slight smile.

Huang Yueli was almost smitten by that devilish smile as she hurriedly shook her head, shaking away all the distracting thoughts in her mind, “We are still at the banquet in Ice Serpent Valley! How can you casually kiss me!”

Li Moying pinched her face, “Dont be shy, we are already engaged as fiancé and fiancée and we are a perfect couple so everyone can only envy us!”

His words were extremely frank and Huang Yueli was totally speechless when she heard that.

This mans words were really narcissistic!

Huang Yueli turned and looked at the surroundings and no one was staring at them but she also knew that the others didnt dare to look at them, not because they didnt see it.

Her embarrassment turned into anger as she turned her head back and stared at Li Moying, conveniently grabbing his palm as she bit his finger hard.

“Ahh! Little fox, your teeth are really sharp!”

Li Moying exaggeratedly moaned but didnt avoid as he allowed Huang Yueli to leave a fresh teeth mark on his slender beautiful fingers.

Huang Yueli gave a humph, “Its all your fault, told you a few hundred times already that when theres outsiders, youre not allowed to kiss me casually!”

“Then when there are no outsiders, I can casually kiss” Li Moying put on an obedient babys expression as he humbly asked to be taught.

Huang Yueli stared at him and struck a pose as though she was about to bite him again.

This time, Li Moying reacted swiftly by retracting his hand, “Dont, dont, dont… my skin is tough and thick, if it breaks my little foxs teeth after you bite on it, I will feel heartache.

If youre hungry, its better to eat a few more pieces of Osmanthus cake!”

Li Moying hurriedly lifted up the plate as he personally picked up a White Jade Osmanthus Cake, feeding it to Huang Yueli.

Huagn Yueli originally wasnt full and earlier she had just eaten halfway when she was snuck an attack and interrupted by this man.

At this point of time, smelling the fragrance from the Osmanthus Cake, she was instantly distracted as she obediently opened her mouth and ate the cake which Li Moying fed her.

Li Moying hurriedly fed her a second piece and saw that she was really like a real little fox, pouting her lips as she slowly chewed, obediently waiting for him to feed her.

Li Moyings lips uncontrollably rose upwards, as he really wanted to lean over and kiss her again.

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