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Chapter 2253: No choice but to lower their heads (2)

Hearing Meng Waners hoarse allegations, Huang Yuelis expression became even more ashamed.

She seemed as though she was shocked as she explained in a small voice, “This….

Young Miss Meng, you can blame me for this because I indeed didnt explain clearly.

Back then, ughh, I wanted to tell you about this but your actions were simply too fast and I didnt even have enough time to talk about it, only able to remind you not to attack the centre position… sigh, if only I had mentioned this clearly back then!”

Huang Yueli had an expression of extreme self-blame on her face as she kept shaking her head in frustration.

She had a petite and slim stature, coupled with her pure and graceful face, she looked like a beautiful yet simple and nice young lady.

In addition to the guilt-stricken look that she intentionally made out, it made her appear even more pitiful, as it garnered sympathy from the masses.

When the surrounding people saw her look, their sympathetic hearts immediately flourished as they all couldnt bear to excoriate her.

Moreover, everyone tried to recall and felt that Huang Yueli really shouldnt be blamed for this matter.

“Young Miss Meng, how could you blame Young Miss Bai, its obviously your own fault for not being careful enough!”

“Thats right, Junior Sister Waner, earlier Ive heard it all.

Young Miss Bai had already reminded you to try your best to attack the surroundings boundarys positions and not to attack the centre position! Your aim is too lousy and actually mis-aimed, this… could you even blame Young Miss Bai for this”

“Right, right, right, I heard that too! Earlier Young Miss Bai had already tried her best to remind Young Miss Meng, but Young Miss Meng was anxious to strike hence she seemed as though she didnt listen to her words at all!”

“No wonder, Junior Sister Waner is overly confident, hence resulting in carelessness!”

The crowd were all adding in a piece of their memories as they managed to re-enacted the scene to around seventy to eighty percent of the original situation.

Moreover, every single one of them were standing on Huang Yuelis side, saying that the fault was all on Meng Waner, just short of saying that she deserved being heavily injured!

Meng Waner totally did not expect this to be the outcome!

Usually as Ice Serpent Valleys Number One Beauty, she was also the Number One genius hence she had been held in high regard and protected by all the disciples and had never once met with such a matter like this, that no one stood by her side at all!

Obviously… she had obviously not told any lies, it was that little slut surnamed Bai who intentionally harmed her!

Meng Waner was extremely clear that Huang Yueli had intentionally said it in this way, making use of her impetuous attitude.

Back then, Meng Waner was only thinking about finding Huang Yuelis weak point hence when she heard her telling her not to attack the centre position, she self-assumed that the mechanisms weakest point was that position so she was being bed to attack the centre position.

All these….

had been premeditated!

Meng Waner unknowingly fell into her trap, hence she was feeling extremely aggrieved.

What was even more melancholic was there was no way that she could say this thinking out, because on the minute she said it, it would reveal the devious thoughts that she had in mind to scheme against Huang Yueli first.

This was really moving the stone to smash her own feet!

When Meng Waner heard the crowds discussion, she got even angrier as her chest was stuffed to the point of being flustered.

Plus the fact that her entire body was seriously injured, she finally could no longer hold on as her eyes rolled back and she fainted once again!

Huang Yuelis eyes widened, “Young Miss Meng, Young Miss Meng! You… oh no, whats wrong Quickly wake up!”

Ice Serpent Valleys disciples then realised the seriousness of Meng Waners injury hence they were all at a loss on what to do.

Meng Hongye was slightly skilled in medical skills and she hurried over while placing her fingers on Meng Waners pulse.

After roughly taking her pulse, a grave expression was shown on her face.

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