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Chapter 2235: Treat us as foolish spendthrifts (5)

Whoever knew that the nearer she got, on detailed look, she then discovered that Huang Yueli and Li Moying were leaning together tightly.

The tall and handsome man held the slender and beautiful young lady into his embrace as his slender and powerful arms were placed on her waist whereas the young lady hugged his waist obediently and tenderly, her face was carrying a sweet smile.

This combination of a handsome man and a beautiful woman looked visually attractive.

But in Meng Waners eyes, it was extremely eye piercing and it simply made her go mad with jealousy!

The muscles on her face were twitching and she expended a huge amount of energy before she was able to maintain the virtuous ladys demeanour on her face.

Meng Waner squeezed out a smile and asked concernedly, “Young Master Li, Young Miss Bai, my Master has specially asked me to come over to ask what plans you have after observing the mechanisms and arrays Can it be restored If you need Ice Serpent Valley to supply you with materials and manpower aid, feel free to tell me and Ill go arrange!”

After finishing her words, she quickly shifted her gaze onto Huang Yuelis, waiting to see her awkward expression.

Whoever knew, Huang Yueli pushed Li Moying aside gently and gave a smile, she started to boss her around immodestly.

“Young Miss Meng, you came at the right time! I was just worrying about not having enough materials and manpower and dont know how to speak up to Valley Master Meng! With these words of yours, Im much more assured now! The thing is like this, Ive already done a detailed full check on the arrays and mechanisms earlier and its not too difficult to restore but we need a lot of materials! Will you please prepare three hundred pieces of Green Frost Soul Extract, two hundred pieces of Silver Loop Snake Skin, fifty pieces of Shattered Stars Jade and also…”

Huang Yueli opened up her fingers as she counted the number of items and listed a huge pile of materials at one go.

Meng Waner initially put on a look as though she couldnt care much about it but listening to the end, her eyeballs almost popped out.

After sometime later, Huang Yueli then finished her list and patted her hands, “Alright, basically its these few materials! May I trouble Young Miss Meng to prepare these and deliver it over tomorrow at five in the morning.

As for manpower… just send seven to eight ninth stage realm practitioners and that will do!”

Meng Waner clenched her teeth tightly as she looked at her in disbelief, “What joke are you cracking Restoring an array requires so many and such high quality materials Do you know what things you are talking about Green Frost Soul Extract, Silver Loop Snake Skin, those are all seven tiered materials! Shattered Stars Jade is even an eighth tiered material! Any set of those materials are all priceless and you just opened your mouth and asked for a few hundred sets, do you have any common knowledge or not Or do you treat us Ice Serpent Valley as foolish spendthrifts”

She was pretty angered and originally it was because of Li Moying which made her thought unpleasantly of Huang Yueli but now hearing these ridiculous requests, Meng Waner felt that this wretched lass had come intentionally to disrupt Ice Serpent Valley.

Otherwise, her brain must be filled with water!

However, Huang Yueli totally didnt care about her hooting as she spoke out slowly, “Young Miss Meng, if you dont understand mechanisms and arrays, then please do not speak at your own will over here! Do you know what Im going to restore Palace Lord Huang had left behind a ninth tiered mechanism array that year! You can go back and ask Valley Master Meng, that year when these mechanisms were set up, how much high levelled materials were used and it was totally incomparable to now! Now the restoration as compared to that years materials isnt even one twentieth of it and the cost-performance ratio is already very high!”

“You… dont think of deceiving me! I will definitely report this matter to my Master!”

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