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Chapter 2186: First time crossing swords (8)

The black robed mans voice was exceptionally hoarse yet it was also piercing and it sounded rather unnatural.

Apparently, he intentionally lowered his tone thereby intentionally creating this voice.

Huang Yueli stood somewhere not too far away as she couldnt help but frowned.

Not knowing why, she somehow felt that this black robed mans voice sounded rather familiar and including the moves which he made earlier, although he intentionally hid his tutorage, but it still made her feel somewhat familiar…

Liu Buyan spread his hands outwards when he heard the black robed man saying that, “I promise that as long as you hand over the Bipolar Black Orchid to us undamaged, I will allow you to leave here in one piece, what do you say”

The black robed mans voice was obviously slightly hesitant, “… on what basis can I trust you”

“On the basis of I, Liu Buyans character and if you still dont believe me, then…” Liu Buyan slowly opened his mouth as his voice was stable.

The black robed man was listening attentively and while his defence was at its lowest, Liu Buyan suddenly leapt upwards and a gust of pure Profound Energy flew out striking him right on his chest!

At the same time, Cang Po Jun and Liu Buyan had a flawless tacit understanding and he too moved and blocked the black robed mans path.

The black robed man originally wanted to escape but whoever knew that his front and back were all blocked so he was rendered immovable.

He then realised that he had been tricked and was instantly jumping like a cornered dog, “You two… you two are too scheming! Dont even think about getting the Bipolar Black Orchid from my hands!”

The black robed man stretched his hand into his shirt and wanted to shatter the jade box which the Bipolar Black Orchid contained.

However, Liu Buyans action was even faster as he stretched out his hand and restrained his meridians.

The black robed mans hand was already pressed against the jade box but he totally could not expend any energy at all, not to mention destroy the item inside the jade box.

Huang Yueli heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that and raised her voice as she called out, “Senior Brother, remember to leave this fellows life, I have something to ask him!”

Liu Buyan nodded his head, “Dont worry, I know the stakes!” Saying that, he stretched out his hand and wanted to retrieve the jade box.

On seeing the Bipolar Black Orchid almost in their hands, everyone present assumed that they could put down the stone in their hearts.

But in the instance when Liu Buyan struck out, a penetrating burst of Profound Energy suddenly pressed near to his back.

Huang Yueli stood a little far and saw a figure like lightning suddenly attacking while Liu Buyan was negligent, and in between two breathes, it had already flashed from a couple of miles and right next to Liu Buyan.

Her complexion suddenly had a change of colours as she could only manage to cry out, “Senior Brother, be careful of your back!”

Everything happened too fast and at the moment when Huang Yueli cried out, Liu Buyan also sensed danger but he wanted to get the jade box first so he hesitated for a slight moment.

It was exactly this hesitation which made Liu Buyan fell into a complete disadvantage as the cutlass had already struck down from the top of his head and above the cutting edge was enveloped with a crimson trace of Profound Energy as it was extremely sharp!

On seeing that Liu Buyan was about to be cut into half alive!

Li Moyings feet started moving as he abruptly got up!

At this very moment, in order to save his life, he couldnt be bothered about anything else as he expended all his body movements and it took just a mere thought as he went up against it.

The Profound Energy from his body was extremely abundant and the rampaging Thunder attributed energy went head on collision with the other partys cutlass!

Sparks flew!

An “Oof!” was heard and the corners of Li Moyings lips started trickling down a sliver of blood trail, as he was pushed back repeatedly for ten over steps.

But Liu Buyan was pulled back by him and evaded that fatal blade!

Liu Buyans complexion was now as white as paper and his life was simply being picked back!

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