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Chapter 2183: First time crossing swords (5)

Li Moying stared fiercely at her, “Ill go chase, you wait right here!”

“But, your Soul Detachment…..


Huang Yueli frowned as she wrestled Li Moyings sleeve, refusing to let go.

That group of black robed men were obviously all extraordinary and were all top rated exponents.

If Li Moyings Soul Detachment Illness had fully recovered, he might have a chance to snatch the items back from them but now, in this scenario, even if he chased up to them, it would be very difficult to defeat that group of black robed men, moreover his body condition was not suitable to make a move against them.

However, she had just spoken out when she felt pain from below her ribs.

Following that, she entirely turned weak as she stumbled onto the ground.

Li Moying actually sealed her meridians!

On seeing Li Moying dashing out to chase after those black robed men, Huang Yuelis heart was burning as she tried to break the restriction that Li Moying had left.

Alas, Li Moyings execution was done beautifully and she totally already found it hard to release it.

Now that she was rushing for time and was extremely frustrated, there was nothing that she could do about the restrain at this present moment.

Luckily, although Huang Yeulis heart was burning with anxiety, she suddenly saw Liu Buyan and Cang Po Jun rushing over this side.

They had also seen the situation at Soaring Heavens Merchant Guilds entrance and rushed over from the VIP seating, but they just werent as fast as Li Moying hence they were slower by a step.

Huang Yueli hurriedly cried out, “Senior Brother, Guardian Jun!”

Liu Buyan and Cang Po Jun ran over to her without any hesitation.

Liu Buyan saw that she had fallen on the ground and immediately frowned as he asked with a face of concern, “Junior Sister, whats wrong with you Whats the matter Who sealed your meridians”

Liu Buyan held her wrist and released the restraint on her.

Huang Yueli immediately got up and hurriedly said, “Its bad, earlier that group of black robed men snatched the Bipolar Black Orchid and Moying refused to listen to me and he chased up to them alone, lets go over and help him quickly!”


Liu Buyan and Cang Po Jun cried out in surprise and after exchanging one glance, they immediately dashed right out.

Huang Yueli also worked up her footwork and chased after them closely.

Her speed, as compared to the duo who was ranked top ten in the Sky Chart was slightly slower and by the time she managed to chase up to them, she happened to see Li Moying already crossing hands with the black robed men!

In Li Moyings hands, the Amethyst Light Sword was already unsheathed!

The frigid cold amethyst electric currents from the sword blade were eye piercing and the surging Thunder attributed Profound Energy currents filled the entire space so even though Huang Yueli stood a distance away, she could also feel that all her hair was about to stand up!

Li Moyings slender long fingers slid past the swords body and with a soft oust, the electric currents charged right into the clouds and in response to the skys descending lightning, it charged right towards the black robed mens direction!

For a moment in time, the earth moved and mountains swayed, as the powerfully strong rays made one unable to open their eyes.

Those black robed men apparently hadnt expected Li Moyings ability to be so strong and under the fact that they were caught off guard, the last few who ran the slowest were the first to be sent flying out.

As for the remaining three to four slightly stronger abled ones, although they barely bore the brunt of this one move, they were all pushed back and were apparently at a disadvantage right now.

Li Moyings sword tip faced down as he had an icy cold intent coming from him while he walked over step by step.

“Wheres the Bipolar Black Orchid Leave it for This Seat! Then This Seat can allow you to die a painless death.”

The few black robed mens eyes all flashed a sliver of terror.

Following Li Moyings closing in, they subconsciously started to retreat.

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