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Chapter 2155: Like a joke (5)

Her pills were almost about to be formed into shape.

At this moment in time, Feng Xiaoyan was also refining her second batch of medicinal pills.

But this time round, her pressure was much larger than before!

Before this, she was sure that Huang Yueli would not be able to refine any second level medicinal pills so her mentality was totally relaxed as she was able to display her usual potential hence she was able to refine the pills successfully.

But now, Huang Yueli had actually refined ten pieces of Fatigue Relief Pills!

In this way, unless Feng Xiaoyan was able to refine her second batch of medicinal pills, otherwise it was certain that she would lose!

Feng Xiaoyans pressure suddenly increased to a giant load and under the distraction with her thoughts in turmoil, she totally was unable to put her full attention into refining at all.

No matter how she hypnotised herself, the surroundings discussions would enter her ears occasionally.

Whereas her own line of sight kept drifting uncontrollably towards Huang Yueli who was standing not too far away from her.

Such a half-hearted attitude naturally wouldnt allow her to display her full ability and Feng Xiaoyan hadnt that kind of unruffled feeling from the start.

Her control of the flame caused the temperature to fluctuate up and down and the hand gestures which she had struck out were totally not as standard as before and she even made some minor mistakes.

Although she had finally managed to save the situation, but it still affected those medicinal herbs.

Feng Zhensheng was watching from the committees seating as he grew more anxious while watching.

“Ai, Yaners psychological state is just too terrible! What kind of timing is this already so she should just stop thinking of other stuff and concentrate on refining pills only! Aiya, why did she make a mistake again!”

But other than being worried on the viewing platform, there was nothing else that he could do.

It wasnt as if Feng Xiaoyan didnt know about her own situation but she just couldnt stop herself from checking on Huang Yueli.

The more accurate Huang Yuelis actions were and the more unhurried she was, the more anxious she got as she turned even more helpless.

At the very last step, when she was preparing to congeal the pill, Feng Xiaoyan had already realised that her own tray of medicinal pills would not be able to achieve the previous medicinal effect even if it was refined successfully.

But she had no other choice as she could only give a forceful try!

Feng Xiaoyan took a deep breath as she suddenly increased the firepower as she prepared to enter the most crucial stage – pill forming!

Success or failure, it all depended on this move!

But at this moment, on the viewing seat, waves of exclamation was heard suddenly and following that, more and more cheers could be heard.

Immediately following that, Master Zhang then ran over from the committees seat as he dashed right in front of Huang Yueli and started shouting out in surprise, “Successful again, successful again! Heavens, Young Miss Bai is really incredible to be able to continuously refine two trays of medicinal pills! Moreover, its still the most difficult Fatigue Relief Pill among the second level pills! This… is simply a miracle!”

Master Zhang was extremely excited so much that his voice went off.

On the viewing platform, the spectators voices of exclamation came wave after wave.

What That wretched lass Bai, she actually… actually refined out the second tray once again

Feng Xiaoyans heart suddenly turned cold as her hand subconsciously trembled and the deviant flame in her hand suddenly lost control as it abruptly exploded and fire sparks splattered!


When Feng Xiaoyan recovered in time, she hurriedly unleashed her Profound Energy in an attempt to save things, however it was all too late!

The temperature in the pill furnace had suddenly been spiked up high and under the immense contrast, not only had the pills in the furnace not formed into shape, it had all been charred into ashes and moreover, the pill furnaces shape had changed because of the difference in the temperature.

A loud “boom” suddenly sounded!

The pill furnace in front of Feng Xiaoyan suddenly exploded!


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