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Chapter 2132: New Deviant Flame (2)

No one was clearer on his Liers innate talent than him.

Her Fire attributed innate talent, even if it was among the ancient Sacred Phoenix Races geniuses, was an existence at the top and her Earth attribute wasnt any weaker as well so it wasnt any surprise that she could attain the current standard of pill refining.

But Liu Buyan was completely stunned! For some time, he couldnt say a single word at all.

After Huang Yueli ha refined all the medicinal herbs, she then started to copy the method that Dai Boqi had demonstrated earlier, to enter into the stage where the pill was to be solidified.

Her memory was excellent so even though Dai Boqis demonstration of the hand gestures were complicated, but she totally remembered every single gesture without missing a single move.

Moreover, she had done armament refining as a foundation and many pill refining hand gestures were similar to armament refining so she managed to complete all of it easily.

The young ladys fair and slender fingers kept flying swiftly and very soon, she completed the entire set of hand gestures completely.

Finally, it was at the final stage to check the result!

Huang Yueli took a deep breath as she stretched out her right hand and made a virtual grabbing hand gesture above the pill furnaces lid.

Following that, she revolved her Profound Energy and said out softly, “Open!”

The lid bounced upwards as thick smoke dissipated around the surroundings.

She couldnt wait for the smoke to dissipate as she leaned forward above the pill furnace and peered in.

In the furnace, ten round pills laid quietly there.

She stretched out her hand and took one pill, checking it against sunlight.

The pill dissipated a faint medicinal fragrance and the colour and lustre were glossy, with a pale green glistering pattern on it.

“Not bad, not bad at all! Ive not expected that although this is your first time refining pills, youve already refined a first level upper grade pill and moreover there is even a pattern on the pill!”

Dai Boqi had unknowingly walked next to her and also took out another piece of medicinal pill as he took a careful look and he was beaming from ear to ear.

Liu Buyan hurriedly joined them as well and after he took a look at Huang Yuelis masterpiece, he felt even more stunned, “Little Junior Sister, you….

if I hadnt seen this with my own eyes, I totally would not believe in such a thing! Do you know that ordinary first ranked Pill Masters are already considered not bad if they managed to refine two trays out of ten, moreover youre just an entry level Pill Master who had just started pill refining! Many peoples first hundred trays have all turned out into dregs!”

Huang Yueli blinked and hadnt even said a single word but Dai Boqi was extremely delighted.

“Dont you even think about whose disciple she is You have the cheek to compare those trash with my disciple”

Liu Buyan was stuffed for words as he hurriedly added on, “Yes yes yes, what Master said is right! Little Junior Sisters pill refining innate talent is simply too incredible, which makes This Senior Brother me also feel so ashamed that I just want to hide! When I think back about the first time when I refined pills, I only managed to refine seven first level middle grade pills whereas you have ten pieces of first level upper grade pills! Ai, new generations really excels the previous and the old generation just dies off on the beach…”

Liu Buyan shook his head as he sighed unequally.

Dai Boqi couldnt bear to continue hearing these as he slapped him hard, “You lad, stop showing that pitiful look! The very first time you refined pills, you were only seven years old and your Junior Sister is older than you by so much, her cultivation is much higher than yours so its only something normal that she refines better than you! But you indeed should work harder, otherwise your Junior Sister wont need much longer to chase up to you…”

It was until this moment when Huang Yueli realised that so many more people had suddenly appeared in the pill refining room and she was extremely astonished.

“Senior Brother, when did you enter the room How come I didnt notice at all”


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