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Chapter 213 – The truth behind everything

“This girl isn’t too bad.

Thinking so considerately for your sister!”

The Empress Dowager smiled at Huang Yue Li and nodded.

Turning around, she looked at Bai Ruo Qi with cold eyes.

“Unfortunately, it seems your sister does not appreciate it!”

Bai Ruo Qi not help but shiver.

She became aware that her over-eager desire to pull down Huang Yue Li had caused the Empress Dowager to feel repulsed!

In the Empress Dowager’s eyes, that little slut became even more innocent, while she became a wicked sister.

Once again, she fell into Huang Yue Li’s word pit!

Bai Ruo Qi quickly said: “Empress Dowager, you misunderstood! Qi’er……Qi’er is just too impatient.

I know that my Third Sister is doing this for my own good……Third Sister, sister here will apologise to you.

You do not mind, right”

Huang Yue Li replied with a smile: “Ah, do not mind! Since Second Sister is so anxious to know the truth, we can not waste time.

Let Doctor Liu continue his confession!”

The Empress Dowager nodded her head, “Precisely! Quickly, bring the person back!”

Bai Ruo Qi anxiously threw glances towards Empress Shu.

Huang Yue Li saw all this happen and said: “Second Sister, if Doctor Liu says anything disrespectful, you can not be too triggered ah! Allow him to finish, before claiming your innocence! Empress Dowager, I am afraid that my elder sister can not control her emotions.

So later on, please allow me to complete the questioning!”

Empress Dowager agreed: “Very well, I give you permission! When you are talking, no is to interrupt!”

Unexpectedly, Bai Ruo Qi had lost her cool so easily; completely devoid of any Royal bearing!

From the situation, no matter in terms of bearing, speaking or attitude, this Li girl is vastly superior than Bai Ruo Qi.

Worthy of being the daughter of Bai Liu Feng!

Running on her wits end, Bai Ruo Qi almost fainted.

However, the Empress Dowager had passed her commands.

She no longer held any power to stop this.

Doctor Liu on the other hand, believed that he was destined to die.

And just as he was about to endure his hundred beatings, he truly did no expect for another chance to be given to him!

This time, he did not even give his courtesies and directly tried his best to finish his sentence.

“Three days ago, Second Young Miss Bai asked me to meet her at the teahouse.

She gave me a lot of money and asked me to give her a strong medicine that would stimulate blood flow.

She then told me that she will frame her third sister at the Peach Blossom Banquet.

At that time……”

“What Bai Ruo Li”

“What is going on This can’t be right”

“Bai Ruo Qi wants to frame her own cousin, why”

He just opened mouth and released such a bomb.

One after the other, loud draws of breath echoed through the room.

Even the Empress Dowager could not help but interrupted him.

“You wait, you say Qi’er wished to frame Li’er.

So she asked for your assistance”

“Yes, yes, I heard very clearly! Second Young Miss Bai wished to harm her Third Sister, because her Third Sister made her lose face at Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s auction the other day.

Furthermore, Third Young Miss Bai once held an aural agreement of engagement with the Crown Prince.

Harboring hard feelings, Second Young Miss Bai…….”

“What There was such a thing” The Empress Dowager said in surprise.

The audience also whispered about.

“In this case, it is really possible.

I went to Thousand Treasure Pavilion’s auction and such a thing really did happen……”

“Yes! It is normal to resent the other party for making you lose face right”

“Then didn’t Bai Ruo Qi deserve it Just now when she said she wished to reconcile with Bai Ruo Li, it turned out to be false Such hypocrisy!”


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