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Chapter 2091: Arent you a little too wild! (2)

Huang Yueli suddenly widened her eyes putting on a look which seemed as though she was overly shocked as her fair fingers grabbed onto Li Moyings sleeve tightly while speaking in a pitiful tone, “Moying, I….I dont know what theyre talking about! Earlier… earlier there was a kitty in the courtyard and I just found it cute and wanted to tease it a little but in the end, I just unknowingly ran a little far off…”

“Later on, Palace Lord Chi and Eldest Young Miss Ling just suddenly appeared from god-knows-where, claiming that Ive eavesdropped to their conversation and no matter how I explained, it was of no use at all…”

When Li Moying heard that, he nodded his head faintly and turning towards Chi Xiao Jiu, “Heard what my fiancée said The both of you simply just dealt a deadly hand on our Blue Profound Sects disciples without finding out the truth, shouldnt you give our Sect an explanation”

Ling Qing Yus eyes opened wide as she simply could not believe her own ears!

“What are you saying Surely you dont really believe this lasss nonsense right What cute kitty, that cat is so fat like a pig and its considered cute That corner is so desolate, would she even pass by unintentionally Trying to cheat a young kid Young Sect Master Li, This Young Lady knows that you pamper your fiancée but surely you cant defend her to this extent, right You just believe whatever she said Arent you afraid that other people will say that you have been smitten by lust!”

Everyone could tell that Huang Yuelis explanation was a little too forced.

Ling Qing Yu directly said things in such a manner to corner Li Moying.

From what she thought, even if he had the intention to defend Huang Yueli, surely he cant be too much right Otherwise, wouldnt he had become a dumbass who had been smitten and twisted by a woman by her finger He would be ridiculed if this spread out!

But when Li Moying heard her menacing words, his tone remained composed.

“My woman, whatever she says is correct! On the contrary, the both of you just recklessly framed my fiancée and tried to splash dirty water onto her several times, even chasing after her so that you can kill her, this matter…..

how are you intending to settle it!”

Ling Qing Yu shot an incomparable shocked look at Li Moying as she thought inside her heart and suddenly an indescribable feeling gushed upwards.

Li Moyings words and the way he stayed by that young lasss side to protect her, was simply too alike to Mu Chengying…

Even though the both of them looked different but that imposing manner and arrogance was exactly the same!

Many, many years ago, Mu Chengying was also like this.

Overbearing and tyrannic, no matter what kind of off-beat stuff Huang Yueli had done, no matter what kind of formidable enemy they faced, he would support her irregardless, protecting her under his wing…

Even if Ling Qing Yu was Huang Yuelis BFF, she also couldnt helped but become overwhelmed with jealousy and hatred for her, hating the fact why she wasnt able to get such a man to pamper her to the skies!

Chi Xiao Jiu laughed out of fury, “Lad, arent you a little too wild! Are you trying to make me laugh to death! No matter what, youre merely Mu Chengyings disciple and not him! Did you think that Blue Profound Sects people would not be able to confound right and wrong and stand on your side”

Saying that he gave a sinister laugh, “Youd better think carefully about what you should do! Since youve fallen into This Seats hands, then today we will trouble you and your fiancée to make a trip together with This Seat! Dont worry, you are after all Blue Profound Sects Young Sect Master so This Seat would not want your life.

As long as Mu Chengying uses the Purified Branch to exchange for you two, This Seat will let you go!”

Saying that, Chi Xiao Jiu abruptly uplifted his surrounding Profound Energy and waved a palm strike towards Li Moying!

This time he was already clear on Li Moyings potential and didnt dared to act recklessly.


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