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Chapter 2090: Arent you a little too wild! (1)

“Palace Lord Chi, my fiancée is Blue Profound Sects disciple whereas youre Mythical Flame Palaces Palace Lord.

You dealing with such a deadly hand on her, do you treat everyone in Blue Profound Sect as dead” The voice spoke out icily.

Chi Xiao Jiu felt that this voice was extremely familiar and upon one look, an astonished look flashed past his eyes!

“Its… its you! Youre Li Moying, that disciple who Mu Chengying took in!”

Li Moying merely replied indifferently, “Thats right, Ive not expected that Palace Lord Chi to recognise me.”

Chi Xiao Jius eyes were fixed on him tightly as the terror in his heart was indescribable.

Earlier when he hurled out that palm strike, although it merely used fifty percent of his power, but it was also a Heaven grade Profound Skill which he had used to make a name for himself!

As a top exponent in the Sky Chart, that strike of his, even if it was a ninth stage realm eight level top exponent, they would find it hard to resist it and even if they were able to barely take it on, they were bound to suffer injuries.

However, Li Moying actually met with his palm strike and the result was himself retreating back several steps!

However, Li Moying looked as though nothing had happened to him at all!

Chi Xiao Jiu sized up Li Moying in indefinite bewilderment as he simply could not tell whether if he was just forcibly putting up a brave front or if he indeed did not sustain any injuries at all.

But even if he was forcibly putting on a brave front, Li Moyings ability had reached at least ninth stage realm eighth level!

Whereas he was merely twenty one and had just advanced into ninth stage realm.

It hadnt even been a years time and he actually….

had the ability to go up against Chi Xiao Jiu, a peerless top rated Sky Chart opponent

The scariest thing was that instance when both partys Profound Energy clashed against each other, he even developed an illusion that the enemy that he had met against was Mu Chengying himself!

That unsurpassable overbearing Thunder attributed Profound Energy was exact the same!

Did this young lad really obtain Mu Chengyings techniques so quickly

After some time, Chi Xiao Jiu then forcibly suppressed the terror in his heart as he slowly nodded his head, “Good, good, good! Indeed, worthy of Sovereign Mus direct disciple, your potential among the younger generation is already unsurpassable! No wonder youre so arrogant and despotic, to dare to be disrespectful in front of This Seat!”

His tone carried an established practitioners aloofness as his surrounding aura started to be unleashed.

From what Chi Xiao Jiu thought, he had momentarily been pushed back by Li Moying because of his leniency in unleashing in power earlier.

If he utilised his real potential, he would still surpass Li Moying by miles.

Whereas in his eyes, Li Moying was merely a junior and even if he was Blue Profound Sects Young Sect Master, he should not be this disrespectful towards him.

Hence Chi Xiao Jiu had the intention to unleash his full potential, attempting to create pressure for Li Moying.

Alas, for a character like Chi Xiao Jiu, Li Moying totally couldnt be bothered about him.

In the past Chi Xiao Jius ability was totally not worth mentioning so even if ten over years had passed by and he finally managed to blend into the world of.

ninth stage realm peak, but he still couldnt enter Li Moyings eye.

Li Moying merely swept a glance at him as his tone was filled with ridicule, “This is considered as arrogant and despotic Then what do we call Palace Lord Chi for intentionally hurting our Sects disciples Supercilious Seeking your own destruction”

“YOU—!” Chi Xiao Jiu was stuffed back and his anger just simply rose up.

“Its obviously this young lass who had secretly followed This Seat, eavesdropping on This Seat and Eldest Young Miss Lings conversation, acting suspiciously with ulterior motives! Yet you actually dare to countercharge against This Seat Could all of the people in Blue Profound Sect be all so sneaky”

When Li Moying heard that, his brows rose as he turned and looked at the young lady behind him.

“Lier, you were eavesdropping on their conversation”


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