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Chapter 201 – Checking the pulse

Bai Ruo Qi eagerly awaited Doctor Liu’s arrival, so she did not notice Huang Yue Li’s smile.

Not long after, Court Doctor Liu reach the Peach Blossom Orchid.

Bai Ruo Qi hurriedly said: “Hurry and ask Doctor Liu to come over! I want……wuu!”

Halfway through her sentence, she suddenly discovered she could not make a sound, and stared out in astonishment.

Huang Yue Li calmly recovered her hand placed it on her chest, before laughing: “Second sister, what’s the matter Seeing that you are sweating so much, allow me to wipe it for you.

Does it not feel comfortable”

Bai Ruo Qi glared at her murderously.

To others, they only saw her her “good sister” act of kindly wiping her sister’s sweat.

How would they know Huang Yue Li had just sealed her meridians to make her mute!

Due her poisoning, Bai Ruo Qi was left in a weak state.

So with Huang Yue Li’s move, she could not undo the seal.

Huang Yue sweetly smiled: “Second Sister, I understand you, I understand! You have no more strength left in you.

Rest assured, with your younger sister here, I will not let you suffer!”

Bai Ruoqi almost split her side.

With her here, she was suffering misfortune from eight lives! In the end, what did this damn girl want to do

Leading the female official, Huang Yue Li whispered to her: “Gugu Li, I am truly sorry.

As you know, my elder sister, my Second Sister’s affairs…….is a woman’s problems.

And because she is very delicate woman, she is embarrassed for the court doctor to examine her.

After all, Doctor Liu is a man ah……..”

The female official was actually quite understanding, for the Palace held quite a few Princess, Concubines who did not like the doctors see to see such problems.

They just felt weird.

She immediately replied: “This is easy, let the doctor diagnose through a silk handkerchief! Doctor Liu is a superb doctor.

He does not need to see the patient’s face in order to make a diagnosis.

Please rest assured Young Miss Bai!”

Bai Ruo Qi did not know what Huang Yue Li said.

She waited for a moment but failed to see Doctor Liu.

Instead, it was her cousin who placed a handkerchief on her face and another on her wrist.

Sitting outside the bead curtain with a concentrated gaze, he held on the covered sleeve and carefully examined.

Bai Ruo Qi immediately understood that it was a diagnosis through a sleeve!

This is a common practice in the Palace, not something surprising.

However, she must let Doctor Liu see her face!

Otherwise, Doctor Liu would certainly not expect with was Bai Ruo Qi who was poisoned! He must have thought that the person this lying in bed, Wu Wei Manor’s Third Young Miss.

As a result, Doctor Liu will certainly act in accordance with their prior plan, framing her with an accidental miscarriage…….

Think to here, Bai Ruo Qi suddenly panicked.

She tried very hard to get out of bed and desperately attempted to speak.


However, she did not know why the drug’s potency was so strong.

No matter how she struggled, she could not climb up and could not unable to the mute seal on her!

Huang Yue Li sat by the bed, a look of worry as she held her down.

“You must lie down.

Do not affect Doctor Liu’s examination! Doctor Liu is an expert and, a leading figure in South Yue.

So he will definitely be able to find the cause!”

Find out what cause If she allowed Doctor Liu to speak his diagnosis, what would she do

She…….she could no longer conduct herself……

Bai Ruo Qi was both angry and anxious, but how could not get rid of Huang Yue Li.

left with no choice, she could only make noises to catch Doctor Liu’s attention.


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