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Chapter 1900: Who is Li Moying (1)

Liu Buyan smiled and said, “Thats right, do you know it now Im not trying to boast but your fiance is really a very incredible Pill Master!”

Huang Yueli was just about to say something when she suddenly heard a joyous shrill coming from behind.

“Divine Doctor Liu, you….

Youre back”

She turned back in astonishment and saw a young lady in her prime of youth standing behind them.

This girl was around seventeen years old and was already wearing a third rank Pill Master uniform.

The young ladys joyous gaze fell on Liu Buyans face but immediately following that, she looked at the hand which Liu Buyan had embraced around Huang Yuelis waist and couldnt help but creased her brows.

This action was extremely minute and moreover she resumed back to normal in a short period of time.

But Huang Yueli still managed to capture this image into her mind.

When Liu Buyan saw the young lady, there wasnt much variances on his expression, merely raising his brows, “So its you, Yaner, Ive heard your father mentioned that youve recently been promoted to a third rank Pill Master last month.


Feng Xiaoyans face immediately surfaced two shades of red, “So… you still remember.

I thought Divine Doctor Liu was too busy so you dont remember the small matter where I had been promoted!”

Liu Buyan smiled, “How could that be!”

His tone was mellow and with that warm smile, it was easy for others to misunderstood that he bore special feelings towards them, thus missing out on the cold intent and alienation which he hid in the deepest end of his eyes.

“If theres nothing else, well make a move first.”


On seeing Liu Buyan about to bring Huang Yueli to leave, Feng Xiaoyan bit her lip but still could not endure it as she opened her mouth.

Liu Buyans step took a halt, “What other matters are there”

Feng Xiaoyans gaze fell onto Huang Yueli as she hemmed and hawed and finally spoke out, “Divine Doctor Liu, this is…..”

Liu Buyan turned around to take a look at the young lady beside him and his lips uncontrollably curled upwards, “Oh right, I forgot to do the introductions.

This Bai Ruoli Young Miss Bai is my fiancee.

She had recently got injured and Im too worried about her so I brought her over to the Alchemist Guild to stay for some time so everyone, please take good care of her.”

“Fi… fiancee” Feng Xiaoyans eyeballs almost dropped out.

Never in her wildest dreams had she expected to hear such a reply, “You….

since when did you have a fiancee I….

I dont know about this”

Liu Buyans tone was still warm, slow and steady as he continued, “Ruoli and I have been engaged several years ago but as she is still very young, so I didnt specially notify everyone.

Now arent all of you aware already”

Feng Xiaoyans eyes widened as though she suffered a huge shock, and she couldnt say a single word momentarily.

After Liu Buyan left the front courtyard with Huang Yueli, the Pill Masters who were crowding around seemed to have exploded as they started to discuss this.

“Have I heard it wrongly earlier Thats….

Divine Doctor Lius fiancee”

“What situation is this Wasnt it said that Divine Doctor Liu had always been extremely flirtatious and there were innumerable ladies who were engaged in ambiguity with him.

But no matter what methods they used, there was no way for Divine Doctor Liu to openly recognise them, not to mention an official engagement”

“Thats right! Moreover this young lass is not only not a Pill Master, she doesnt even have any Profound Energy fluctuations coming from her, seemingly like an ordinary person! What has Divine Doctor Liu taken fancy of her on”

“This… as a man, I thought as a man, I can understand Divine Doctor Liu.

Even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beautiful woman, just look at the looks of Young Miss Bai who was standing next to him and youd know.

With this kind of exceptional beauty, which man would not be aroused”


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