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Chapter 1878: Fame of the Number One Divine Doctor (5)

His ending note rose slightly, apparently it was easy to tell that he was acting all haughty again.

Huang Yueli was speechless for a moment because by this timing, this man actually still has not forgotten to be jealous!

But Li Moying was indeed not feeling comfortable so no matter how unreconciled he was, he could only allow Huang Yueli to escape from his clutches, and even carried him up horizontally onto the bed.

Li Moying shut his eyes tightly, while pretending that he had already lost consciousness and lost his awareness.

To be carried by his woman in the way where a groom carried a bride….

Luckily no one else saw it, otherwise if word spreads out, his face as the Number One Sacred Lands Sovereign would not be able to hold on!

However, things always turned out contrary to the way one wished and at this very moment, someone knocked on the bedroom door and immediately following that, someone was heard pushing the door open and walking in.

“Lil Sister-in-law, has Eldest Senior Brother awoken….

AH!” Luo Jiyun gave a shriek as he ran towards the bed, “Is Eldest Senior Brother not feeling well Has he not awoken or has he fallen unconscious again Sister-in-law youre so virtuous, carrying him around here and there like this.”

Li Moying simply wanted to die!

What was called “carrying around here and there”! It was obviously just carrying him for a short moment! This time round, his reputation was really all ruined!

The most fraudulent of all was that he had obviously heard Huang Yueli laughing lightly, as he could simply imagine that little foxs astute and mischievous smile in his mind.

Luckily after Huang Yueli finished laughing, she still carefully covered him with the blanket and placed the pillow properly, she spoke out softly to Luo Jiyun, “Your Eldest Senior Brother needs rest now, lets go out and talk about it!”

Huang Yueli brought Luo Jiyun out as she roughly gave him an idea on Li Moyings illness.

Luo Jiyun was extremely shocked and tensed.

Huang Yueli instructed him., “The few Guardians have a lot of daily Sect affairs to deal with and are very busy whereas Moying required ninth stage realm peak practitioners to take turns to protect him so Guardian Jun and the rest probably dont have too much time to deal with this matter.

Hence, Ill hand over the responsibility of searching for Divine Doctor Liu over to you.

You can lead Mo Yi and they others to do this task but you must stay low key! Moying has just deliberately mystified and awed the Six Sacred Lands into intimidation and if the news of his illness leaks out, the consequences will be dire!”

Luo Jiyun nodded his head prudently, “Lil Sister-in-law dont worry, I know the stakes in this! I will try my best to locate Divine Doctor Lius whereabouts as soon as possible.”

Huang Yueli nodded and said, “This sort of thing, its best to leave it to our own people to be assured.

Jiyun, were depending on you!”

Luo Jiyun left with a heavy heart.

Huang Yueli returned to the bedroom and continued to take care of Li Moying.

Li Moyings primordial spirit was weak so it was difficult to gather his concentration but his determination was extremely strong and moreover in terms of cultivation innate talent, he didnt suffer any influence from the Soul Detachment Illness at all.

With the addition of Huang Yuelis delicate care of him, his recuperation speed was considered very swift.

Around seven to eight days later, he felt less dizzy and started to cultivate normally.

But Luo Jiyuns search on Liu Buyans whereabouts, the progress of it was not very smooth.

As he couldnt openly release news that he was looking for him, so all information gathering could only be done secretly.

Soaring Heavens Continent was extremely vast and Liu Buyan had always acted according to his own wishes so there werent too many people who knew about his whereabouts.

Ten over days went past but there was still no news of him at all.

Because of this, Huang Yueli also ignored Li Moyings opposition as she headed over to Sky Emperor City alone to look for Ye Xing Hua, hoping that he could use the Armament Guild Headquarters influence to help search for him.


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