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Chapter 1870: Greatest fear (2)

Li Moying shot in like an arrow, as he held onto her small feet.

“Let go of me….” Huang Yueli felt his warm fingers touching her sensitive soles and her face flushed red as she hurriedly shrunk her feet back.

However, Li Moyings firm and strong hands held on firmly to her ankles as that good looking face displayed an unhappy look.

“The weather is so cold, you didnt even put on any socks and wanted to step on the floor! Did you really think that practitioners wont fall sick”

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes, practitioners… of course wont feel cold because of this!

But before she could even say any words of rebuttal, Li Moying had already retrieved the pair of white cotton socks on the bed and put it on her feet for her before releasing her.

“In future youre not allowed to be so disobedient, alright.

Hurry up and change your clothes, its time for breakfast!”

Li Moying used his normal adoration tone and said all the things he wanted then he turned around to leave the room.

It was at this moment when Huang Yueli seemed to have awoken from her dream as she jumped down from the bed.

“Wait, you havent put on any shoes!”

Li Moying wanted to catch her again but Huang Yueli no longer bothered as she landed onto the floor and pounced towards him abruptly, grabbing him by the lapel.

“Moying, you….

youre alright”

Li Moying could not understand the situation as he lowered his head and took a look at her, “Yes, Im already fine.

Yesterdays situation was just too urgent and as there was no other choice, I had to take the pill to raise my cultivation thus causing my Soul Detachment Illness to act up… but luckily we still managed to scare away those few Elders and luckily youre by my side, so Im already fine…..”

Li Moying touched her face as his face was calm and composed.

Huang Yueli raised her head to look at him, that sculpture perfect handsome looking face was no longer as pale as yesterday.

Other than the faint red veins in his eyes, everything else was normal, especially the expression on his face was especially gentle and concentrated, no different from usual.

If it wasnt for the words which Doctor Shangguan said yesterday, Huang Yueli would absolutely not doubt the authenticity of his words.

This man….

his determination was overwhelmingly shocking and he was overly able to endure and put up a false pretence.

Huang Yueli sized him up for a moment and said, “Are you really alright already Today Id like to head over to the Armament Guild Headquarters, accompany me there please”

Li Moyings gaze was searching on the ground, in a hurry to dig out his little foxs boot, worried that she would catch a cold.

So he totally didnt detect Huang Yuelis probing gaze as he casually replied, “Lier, must you go today Im going into closed door cultivation these few days.

Why not wait for me to come out from closed door seclusion then Ill accompany you there”

Saying that, he found Huang Yuelis black little boots as he stretched out his hands and retrieved the boots.

Then without any hesitation, he squatted down and placed Huang Yuelis feet on his own knee, then carefully putting on the boots for her.

This man…..

no matter what kind of predicament he was facing, he would always be this thoughtful towards her, wishing that she was worry free and indulged her in adoration all day long.

Huang Yueli lowered her head and looked at him as tears were brimming in her eyes, almost to the point of flowing down.

She hurriedly took a deep breath and suppressed the tears in her eyes.

She continued, “But I have something urgent on! You seem to be in closed door seclusion every day, why not take a breather today Accompany me there please~”

She seemed to be acting coquettish but her tone of voice seemed to have a slight uncontrollable quiver.

Li Moying seemed to have noticed something as he lifted his head upwards.


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