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Chapter 1867: Its all because of me (5)

Doctor Shangguans brows creased as he sighed while shaking his head.

“Grandmaster Huang, Sovereigns illness is very hard to treat because he hurt his primordial spirit and the damage on primordial spirits isnt something which ordinary medical skills can solve so please forgive me for being powerless…..”

Huang Yueli pursed her lips disappointedly.

Then, Doctor Shangguan suddenly said, “But…”

“What Have you thought of an idea” The few Guardians all crowded around him excitedly.

Doctor Shangguan muttered to himself irresolutely, “Ive heard Guardian Jun mention this previously that when Sovereign was at a very young age, his illness had already started to act up and every single time his body deteriorates steadily and almost lost his life, it was Divine Doctor Liu who did his consultation and he even refined a few medicinal pills to help preserve his life, is that so”

Huang Yueli nodded her head, “Thats right, there is indeed this happening.

But later on after he finished all the pills, there were a few times I tried to find ways to search for Divine Doctor Liu for him to help Moying do a consultation, there was always some accident happening and it never happened…..”

Doctor Shangguan asked, “Then, Grandmaster Huang, do you remember the situation when Divine Doctor Liu helped Sovereign with the consultation”

Huang Yueli frowned, “This… I wasnt present then.

But there should be someone who knows the actual situation.”

Saying that, she turned her head to the attendant at the door as she instructed, “Go invite Young Master Mo Yi over.”

Very soon, Mo Yi gaited hurriedly into the rear hall and when he saw the immovable Li Moying who laid on the bed, a worried expression was shown on his face.

But he still respectfully bowed in respect towards Huang Yueli and the Guardians who were around there.

Huang Yueli nodded her head to him, “Brother Mo Yi, this is Doctor Shangguan and hes helping Moying do a consultation and he wants to know the situation when Divine Doctor Liu helped Moying do a consultation so please explain the details to him.”

“Yes!” Mo Yi hurriedly agreed to it.

Divine Doctor Shangguan was worried that he would disturb Li Moyings rest and specially pulled Mo Yi over to one side as he enquired further on the fine details.


Sovereigns Soul Detachment Illness happened when he nearly died in the snow lands at six years old.

Every month he would act up once and initially everyone was caught unaware and the entire Celestial Light Sect was tormented upside down and later on with more experience, things got much better….”


Every time Sovereign acted up, the frail and weakened state of his body was becoming longer and when he was almost ten years old, he was unconscious for an entire month and the minute he woke up, he immediately acted up again.

Sect Master Murong was worried about his frail body not being able to take it and it was by coincidence when Divine Doctor Liu passed by Sky Cloud City so he went up to beg him.

Originally he thought that he would be rejected, but in the end Divine Doctor Liu actually agreed to it…..”

“Divine Doctor Liu also said that Sovereigns illness was incurable and could only be controlled instead.

Ordinary people with weak primordial spirits can only live until twenty years ago but after he had his life lengthened, Sovereign still has a chance to live past twenty five years ago.

He will still continue to pay attention to other treatment methods….

Other than that, Divine Doctor Liu hadnt appeared for so many years so perhaps he hadnt found any better treatment method…..”

Mo Yi didnt hide this fact as well as he told everything which he knew.

Huang Yueli was standing not too far away, her heart feeling alarmed while listening to these.

She had not expected that Li Moyings Soul Detachment Illness was much more serious than what she had imagined.

Moreover when he was just ten years old, he was already facing life and death.

If it wasnt for Liu Buyan…..

Probably, before they had even reunited, Li Moying would have already died an unnatural death…..

Luckily, there was Liu Buyan.


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